Lions should dump Casey Printers

Two dumb interceptions and two key fumbles at the end of the game. Cannot hold a 12 point lead in the fourth quarter.
What is Casey's record now since returning to the Lions 2-12 or worse. Give me a break and get rid of this bum Waly. Build for the future without this guy. He is a liability trust me.
3-8 mygawd! What a disaster here in Vancouver. Who will come to any more games. Why can't we be like the Riders and pull out close games or comeback to win. I guess we are losers, this year anyways.
We should send the whole team home and bring back the '94 Lions Grey Cup team who were honoured at the game tonight, they would probably play better if not smarter. Danny McManus where are you????????

This team has a lot of very good young talent.
It wil be interesting to see if they move forward next year with Lulay as starter or Printers.
I firmly believe, the time is now to find out who can lead this team in the future. Be it Printers or Lulay.

This is a rebuilding season, so might as well find out what you got at quarterback. I like many lion fans, is unsure.

yup, lions should dump printers on mccallums front lawn :twisted:

Printers had his chance. His only wins are over Edmonton (1st game) the worst team in the league and against a 4th string qb. in Montreal. Get real, get rid of this bum and cancer. Play a younger qb. and develop him. Printers is done, drop him like a hot potatoe.
Another thing, too much showboating and trash talking. This is a team game not an individual sport. You win as a team. Don't hog the spotlight when you score a touchdown, your lineman deserve just a much credit as the receiver and qb. Individual celebrations smell of a me first attitude. The look on Paris Jackson's face at the end of the game looked like this is unjust I played a great game. Buddy, you lost and you lose as a team and win as a team. Don't be so selfish. That is the problem with the lions- too much what is in it for me attitude. The Riders seems to play for each other and don't care who gets the limelight. Our Lions could learn from the friggin Riders attitude.

Furthermore, to blame our loss on the refs is lame. Good and bad calls happen. hamilton was in scoring position anyhow.
It was up to the Lions to answer. Instead we went 2 and out two times then fumbled not once but twice. Gimme a break. We did it to our selves. Surely we are capable of driving into field goal range to win the game. This is a HOME GAME, we are supposed to be the fourth quarter team especially against an eastern opponent whose hours are all screwed up and should be tired in the fourth quarter , not us. Instead we friggin' piss it away when all the advantage was with us. I blame the qb. for lack of leadership down the stretch. Especially a supposed veteran quarterback. Casey - you have had plenty of chances for this so called comeback and failed miserably. Goodbye, please.

We were up by 12 points in the 4th quarter at home. This is inexcusable!

are you finished yet??

But how did it make you feel?

The lions should dump that horrible excuse for an offensive line they have. Horrible

look at the players who have played QB this year...who has given BC the best chance to win? One guy does not win a game, and one guy does not lose it. it is a total team effort. BC, like Edmonton are snake bit. Most teams go through it. Be patient.

Most players will tell us that a win is more important than a career game. Paris is probably sick that the offense clicked, yet couldn't finish the job. It is maddening. The life of an athlete.

Am I hearing any bitterness?

As a disinterested 3rd party...I'd have to say Printers was simply AMAZING
And THAT with a O-line more porous than cheesecloth
He's getting back to his old self a bit more every game
The fumbles were freakish mistakes...not likely to happen again
Bad karma maybe?

As to the officiating...someone told me a bad joke today:

Q: How many officials does it take to make a pass interference call? A: None...the call's actually made by their seeing eye dog... One bark: flag Two barks: no flag
OK I said it was a BAD joke :roll:

The lions have looked a lot better with printers then without.
3-4 with him and 0-4 without.

Yep. In the fourth quarter, he looked a lot like the Printers I remember.
If your offensive line is no good, you need a QB who:
(a) is mobile enough to avoid the pressure, like Burris;
(b) gets rid of the ball quickly, like Calvillo; or
(c) holds the ball while he's being sacked, like Ray.
Printers is supposed to fit into category (a). And in fact he did avoid a bunch of sacks: the Cats finished with four sacks, but had about four or five other plays where they came really close. But in the fourth quarter he looked like the guy who played here, throwing interceptions and fumbling, and costing his team the game. (Which is not to take anything away from the Ticat defence: they completely dominated the fourth quarter.)

As to whether they should get rid of him or not, I don't think so. Before Saturday's game everyone was talking about how he was back to his MVP form, how great he was playing, and how the Lions were apparently unbeatable after winning two whole games in a row! :roll: Now after a loss people are talking about getting rid of him? You can't dump your QB every time you get beaten by a better team. That's as silly as firing your coach every time you lose a playoff game. The Lions will be perpetual cellar-dwellers if they do that. (Take it from me, my team used to do that and were cellar-dwellers for years.)

.....The leos would have been better off playing Lulay or Jackson....After that performance by Casey in the 4th. quarter, i think we'll see a change....and here's one to ponder....Why???? was Dave Ritchie in town.....Says he's tired of being retired....Could there also be a coaching change in the offing???? or was Ritchie just in Van. as a stop-over before heading up to Edm. to see Eric :roll: :wink:

For 3 quarters Printers was having a heck of a game. The way the 4th went, you have to give the credit to the TiCat defence for forcing those turnovers.

Me is thinking the same...

Na, BC beat themselves like they have been doing most of this year!

Tisdale made a brilliant read and schooled Printers.That made my day, I hate Printers.I love me, you love me, me me me me me me me....

Ritchie was there as a celebration of 1994 Grey Cup game as were several of the members of that team, players and management ( including Tillman). It was referenced several times.