Lions shopping CFL great Geroy Simon - Traded to Riders


According to a report from News 1130 in Vancouver, BC Lions GM Wally Buono is shopping the veteran slotback, saying that Simon's contract is too expensive.

News 1130 confirmed Buono has given permission to Simon's agent to seek a trade for his client.

Buono went on to say the team's first option would be to renegotiate Simon's deal, but the team would also release the 12-year Lion barring that or a trade, according to the report.[/b]

It is disheartening to hear that Geroy will not retire as a Lion. :frowning:

I think he’s heading to Toronto. One way or another. He Tweeted . He plans to “Win the Day” that is a Trestovich meme.
Shame… Whenever I see a situation like this… Cobourne, Stewart, Sanchez are others it proves my point that we need to make room in the SMS for players with 8 years or more to be considered “Franchise players” and have a percentage reduction on the cap hit. Guys like Geroy and Anwar should be max 50% cap hits. ...not Geroy to the ARGOS...Here comes more conspiracy theories....Aren't 2 Cups in a row enough...I wish the senator would dump one of his teams... :roll:

Never thought I'd see the day when Geroy Simon would be trade bait. I agree with Hfx; the league needs to give teams SMS relief in the case of veterans who have performed at a high level for eight or more years.

All the respect in the world for Geroy and his accomplishments but I don't think I've seen him really go after balls like he used to. He's getting on, I'd be shopping him as well to be honest and looking for younger blood.

He would be an awesome receivers coach for Ottawa in the next 24 months.

SMS relief of ANY sort will defeat the purpose of the system. In any case, teams will have a budget and expectation of what every player is worth to re-sign; I don't think the issue is SMS it is a fundamental difference over what a veteran of Geroy's calibre is worth on the downslope of their career.

Yes it is getting a little ridiculous and although the CFL is not rich by any means they are making profits and that should increase enough after the TV deal to make such adjustments. The sponsor money is also getting more and more every year. Thats what happens when you have a good TV audience not only do you get more money from the network but more from league sponsors.

Im not sure that he will be around after next year and if he is it would be for a contender as a hired gun type thing. There are just way too many good receivers out there both import and non import.

Personally, I do think that there are only two options for Geroy; he accepts to restructure/reduce his contract/his salary or retire. I don't expect any team to be interested in a 37 player earning most probably between $150,000. and $175,000. He will have to play for between $90,000 and $100,000.


I have plenty of respect for Geroy and admit that he is one of the all-time great receivers for the cfl. However, I don't see him having much trade value at his age.

Some team will pick him up. Arland Bruce was released by the Lions and picked up by the Als. Man do I envy the Als. Bruce inked a 3 year contract and he's only 2 years younger than Simon. Simon will be picked up on name only.

such a shame

Retire already! Johnny never liked that Geroy Simon. Johnny also does not want to see him pass Ben Cahoon's record of 1017 receptions. Retire! :twisted:

Braley will fix everything...

Agreed. Simon wants to be paid like a #1 receiver...wants to get the ball as many times as a #1 receiver...problem is, at his age he doesn't come close to producing like a #1 receiver.

Are people actually expecting Simon to get a few years of gravy as some sort of "lifetime achievement bonus"?

This is the CFL, not the Senate - - hen you get old and no longer produce, you don't continue to get paid.

Apparently there is serious talk about Simon to Saskatchewan.
Not entirely sure I want him on the Riders. On one hand, he is Geroy Simon, on the other he is 37, has a large salary (which would likely be reduced on a trade). If they can get him for a "warm Body" and a reduced salary then definitely pull the trigger, if its for another starter or top pick then not a chance.

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Well, that might not exactly be what Geroy Simon said, but it makes a good headline. Regardless, the CFL's all-time leading receiver has never been as close to switching teams as he is today. And Saskatchewan is the likely destination.

On Wednesday word came down that the B.C. Lions have placed Simon on the trading block and he's free to find another CFL team who's willing to pick up his current large salary via trade. After initially saying they weren't interested, the Saskatchewan Roughriders apparently changed their tune.

Late Wednesday night Simon's Vancouver-based agent Dan Vertlieb was contacted by Saskatchewan and I'm told things proceeded rapidly. It would seem that a trade-and-sign deal is imminent, whereby the Maryland product would in fact become a Saskatchewan Roughrider at a much-reduced cost.

As for the Lions, they would be able to get something for Simon in a trade rather than cutting him free. The only reason he's on the market at all is because of Lions' GM Wally Buono's reluctance to pay him what his contract says. And given what Simon's done for the B.C. franchise, Buono doesn't want to outright release him (see Jason Clermont).

"I understand all this, which is why I'm not annoyed or angered by it," Buono told the Canadian Press. "We're trying to resolve this and if we can, great, because I think it's an advantage to everybody to resolve it but what I'm saying today is the status quo cannot be.

"In fairness to any veteran player, their time comes and the question is when is that time? Our job, unfortunately, is to look into the crystal ball, make a decision not based on what you know but what you're observing."

Simon's CFL career began in 1999 when he was recruited to Winnipeg by then-Blue Bomber assistant GM Brendan Taman. Over the next 14 seasons Simon would go on to catch more yards than any other receiver in CFL history.

"This is all being done out of utmost respect for Geroy the football player, Geroy the person and Geroy the personality," Buono said. "I would be a real jerk if I didn't do it this way.

"In my past I've not handled it this way but to me these are special circumstances."

What's in it for Geroy? I mean if he's going to take a paycut to play, why not just stay in B.C.? Well this way Simon wouldn't have to swallow the humiliation of staying with the Lions after taking a paycut, and he could finish his illustrious career in the heart of the CFL with the Riders and get a chance to play in the 2013 Grey Cup at a Roughrider at Mosaic Stadium.

It's win-win for everybody, and Simon likely wouldn't consider such a scenario with any other CFL team.

Stay tuned.

"What's in it for Geroy? I mean if he's going to take a paycut to play, why not just stay in B.C.? Well this way Simon wouldn't have to swallow the humiliation of staying with the Lions after taking a paycut, and he could finish his illustrious career in the heart of the CFL with the Riders and get a chance to play in the 2013 Grey Cup at a Roughrider at Mosaic Stadium."

Not sure where Pedersen is coming from with his last comment. Re: playing in the 2013 GC as a Rider in Mosaic.

Simon would "get a chance" to play in the Grey Cup in Mosaic Stadium no matter which team he played on. Perhaps even a better chance as a Lion. As far as Simon choosing to be traded as a result of taking a big pay cut thus avoiding possible humiliation? Where is that thing called loyalty to one's fans? Thousands of fans have shown their admiration and appreciation for Simon year after year. He has received standing ovations and much applause whenever he received the ball for a TD. Even a banner saying, "Simon's Corner" hangs in the end zone and can be be seen across the nation on TV and by the fans in BC Place. A rather interesting take Pedersen has.

Maybe that's what Buono is hoping for. By giving Simon's agent the ability to shop he's hoping that Simon realizes its not worth his while moving for similar money, that's assuming Wally's offer is fair. Would be sad to see Geroy break Cahoon's record in anything else than a Lion's uniform.