Lions set to honour Paopao

Lions set to honour Paopao July 17, 2007

Paopao set to join Lions' Wall of Fame

This will be an interesting week for Joe Paopao. He will be inducted into the B.C. Lions' Wall of Fame on Thursday and will fly back back to his home in Burlington to coach the final game of his first season in the Ontario Varsity Football League.

It's been a season in which his team has gone winless, has struggled to field the minimum number of players for several games and Paopao has been suspended for one game for breaking a rule about sportsmanship, igniting a controversy that has had people divided on what he did.

Paopao joined the Lions in 1978 and became the starting quarterback in the final eight games in 1979 and led the club in passing for three straight seasons thereafter.

Paopao's career also included stops in Saskatchewan, Ottawa and Winnipeg, but he returned to B.C. in 1991 in a player/assistant coaching capacity. He became the team's head coach in 1997 and later had head coaching stints in Winnipeg and Ottawa, all along earning a reputation as one of the class acts in the game.

Early in the 2006 Canadian Football League season, he was released as the offensive co-ordinator of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, part of a purge that included the firing of head coach Greg Marshall and offensive line coach Kani Kauahi

Joe must be a glutton for punishment the way he keeps stepping into all these nowin situations.

Joe proves he is human, that running up the score so badly in a non pro youth football league can send even him over the edge. Made a mistake in not knowing the rules when he told the team not to shake hands at the end. Then when faced with his team having each to pay 100 dollar fine, he took the option of being suspended instead. Nothing to be ashamed about Joe. Better luck with the new team next year.

And well deserved induction in the BC wall of fame

One of the finest, classiest individuals the CFL has seen. I will be proud to be in attendance for his induction into our Wall of Fame, and gladly give him a standing ovation.

Okay, maybe I had a brain cramp for a few years.

Yes Joe is a very nice guy.

But I thought his acclomplishments were all right, and average at best. To put him on the wall of fame as Kapp, Passaglia, Jim Young? I don't know. Where's Fernandez?

I'd have to agree with you Sportsmen.

where’s robert drummond?
or danny mac

Um, not sure about Drummond either. He was only here a couple of seasons.

Maybe I'm out of line, but a wall of fame should be of Long Term players with great Accomplishments. We could insert Doug Flutie as well, but how long was he here? 2-3 years?

No kidding there are many more players that deserve the honor can not understand that one. I think Damon Allen was better QB then Joe. Are the Lions hard up for player to put up there. Whats wrong with Wally? Joe is a good guy but I do not think he warrants this honor ahead of so many very good players that played for the Lions.

Although Paopao set a club record for consecutive completions (18, I was there!) you would think they could find somebody better to put on the wall of fame.

I'd rather have Carl Kidd on there, no joke. He was the heart and soul of our defence and special teams for 7 seasons, winning two Grey Cups with us.

I think it's possible that some of you who disagree with Paopao's induction are too young to remember him as a player. During his stint with the Lions, he was one of the premier passers in the CFL. Were it not for Warren Moon in Edmonton I'm sure there would have been some Grey Cup appearances during his days with the Lions.

A place in the Hall of Fame may be beyond reach, but he certainly deserves recognition from the team where he had his greatest success.

While I agree as whole Paopao could maybe considered for BC. But likely if you look at his career overall it should be considered for CFL Hall of Fame.

This speaks more to the Wally's dislike of Eric Tillman then anything else. Remember last year, before the Western Final he invited Roy SHivers to be on the BC sidelines.

Now, this given Eric's comments about Joe...not really surprised....

Geez, Big Dave, you may have a better memory than I have. Maybe I took Paopao for granted after suffering for years with Paul Brothers and Don Moorhead! I found Roy Dewalt, and Jerry Tagge gave me more positive memories than Paopao.

Agreed. Its hard to knock a nice guy like Joe but I’m surprised at this honour for him. My memories of him are of a decent QB nothing really special and probably not as good as the guy he replaced (Tagge) or the guy that replaced him (Dewalt.)

Nonetheless I'll be happy for Paopao to be honoured. It's nice to see something good happen to the guy for once. I will be there giving him a stading ovation with the rest of the BC Place crowd tomorrow night (Y)

Nice tribute escpecially to the 1985 team.

I really enjoyed it. While I was a newborn when they won the Cup in '85, I still felt pride in seeing them on the field and was glad to give them a standing ovation.

Its too bad TSN didnt show that ceremony at half-time. I would have liked to have seen it myself.

Roy DeWalt got a huge amount of cheers.

I was really surprised that Don Matthews made the trip to Vancouver for the ceremony.