Lions Set To Finish Strong

hA- bc BARELY BEAT HAMILTON IN VANCOUVER. tHE LIONS CAN LOSE TO ANYONE. Nothing is for granted and the Lions could falter at anytime. Keep praising yourself Lions fans- we want you to be heavily favoured in the playoffs. The bigger they are the harder they fall!!!!!!!!!!! Watch your backs Leos!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not many Lions fans are saying that BC is dominating games . I can just think of two myself . We had some pretty close wins that could easily have gone the other way , the last game in Bomberland was a real nailbiter for me , in fact I thought we were going to lose at the end until Floyd stripped Roberts of the ball , and I certainly didn't think we were going to pull it out in Riderville either. Yes our team showed great heart and deserved to win those games , but I don't take it for granted that we will just win it all.

And Turkeybend , you are one to talk , with all the bragging you do every time the Riders win.

Is it just me, or is the line RLR likes "best" jibberish?

Turkey always has his tongue planted in his cheek.
If you can’t figure that out, tough luck.

Hooked another one dude.
Keep reelin’ em in…

You got to best?!
I was snoozing at fails.....

I like to see the articles, regardless of which team is being discussed. I don't buy the paper every day...hell, I don't buy the paper every week. And as someone else said, who has the time to search all over the web for a link to an article that was released a week (or more) ago?

Personally, while it does seem a tad redundant to post the entire article, I am not offended by that action either.
But searching the net, or buying newspapers or looking for articles from a week, a month, a year ago is as easy as going to this link from this website.

Then you don't miss anything....

Thanks, I didn't even know about that page. That link should be posted and made sticky.

The thread BCL4life authored is nothing more than trolling. He and RLR cant talk about other teams because they only follow their team blindly, I have never seen either of them criticize the Lions.

I have a challenge for both of them-- post something that in no way involves the Lions.

The Montreal P.I/interception I posted quite a bit about that. I watch almost every CFL game every week even if it does not involve the Lions because I love the league.

Yeah but the Lions beat Sask twice, so what does that say? diddly, like your post :smiley:

I see nothing wrong with this post:

A) I hadn't seen it before and was happy to read it here
B) The Lions are the defending Grey Cup champions, are winning with their third string QB and are leading the league right now. Plus we're Lions why NOT talk about them?

Might be nice if you offered something other than sarcasm ro. :slight_smile:

There we go!

The Lions (fan) bashing that takes place here is ridiculous and can't be disguised as anything but what it is - jealousy. Every fan likes to talk about their own team first and foremost and if you try and tell me otherwise, it's a lie. It's not a crime and, as a matter of fact, it's pretty normal. You talk about Lion's fans like we're egotistical and conceited but, guess what?...we're no different than any of you. Our team has given us plenty of reason to "talk" over the past couple of seasons so we're damn well gonna do it. If you don't like it, you don't have to's actually quite simple (to scroll on by).

Is it not to be expected that the fans of the best team (yes, until the title's handed over to another team, we are) revel in their team's success and "talk" about it?

Our team has earned the right to be "talked" about and in the news so you'll just have to get used to it for now. God, the Rider's fans here act like it's a crime to be supportive and enthusiastic about a team...have they looked in the mirror lately? Last I saw, most of them had green faces and never shut up about their team. I think it's a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black here. What makes it any different when it's "Rider Pride"?? You even have a name for your bragging rights!

Noone forces you to listen, read or participate. So please, don't rain on our parade. It just sounds very bitter, jealous and immature. It's a given that most of us prefer to talk about and bring attention to our own team first and foremost...don't act like it's unusual or something that only BC fans do. We all do it.

I came here this year trying to focus on "the positive" and not be confrontational but I'm tired of hearing people rag on the Lions and their fans.

Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass about the other team is the Lions and that's what I want to talk about. So I do.

and turkey...

You've called BC fans arrogant. You slam the team and say we're lucky.

But guess what? only serves to make you look like a poorsport and is evidence of that jealousy that I speak of. Give credit where credit's due, will ya? Because if Lion's Pride = arrogance then Rider pride = ignorance.

Didn't you get stuffed already?

You obviously do not no Turkeybend by now. He is a fisherman land locked in Saskatchewan. I do not think it is a matter of jealousy as much as it is for disliking how some BC fans post. I think everyone knows the Lions are the team to beat and yes they are winning with their third string QB. But I beleive a few BC fans have finally got to many fans on this site of the constant reminder of these facts. I find it funny myself that people just do not ignore it and go on with their discussion. Seriously if people get upset over something this simple how the heck do they handle driving to and from work. Makes you wonder. This is a about the CFL, whose team is best, whose team is dirty and the refs etc. But the fact is why get so worked up and I am not meaning you but there are those on this site that actually just go crazy over an opinion. I doonce in a while and then I realize now was that not stupid. We all do it to a degree. So Fans of the BC Lions it not only happens to you. Be proud of your team accomplishments. Remember this statment:

"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A
genius is a guy like Norman Einstein." -
--Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback & sports analyst.

The Lions (fan) bashing that takes place here is ridiculous and can't be disguised as anything but what it is - jealousy.
Sorry, Debbie, but that is nonsense. The Lions--the team--gets no more abuse or trash talk than any other team on this forum. And most Lion fans are good posters who get on fine with the rest of the forum community.

There are unfortunately a couple of bad apples that are spoiling the barrel for the rest of you.
I can separate them out and tell who they are and so can the rest of the community.
Why some Lion fans prefer to see them as representing their entire community is beyond me.
My very first encounter with RLR was a thread in which he, a so-called Lion fan, was relentlessly attacking another Lion fan.
It was pretty ugly but the other fan had the audacity to disagree with RLR and dared criticise something about the Lions.

So it is simply not the case that this forum is overtly or covertly bashing Lion fans.
Just paranoia.

I wonder if you will interpret this post as an "attack" on the Lions, or on you?
And yet it is clearly neither.

"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein." - --Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback & sports analyst.
He really say that, 05? Theisman is a dork... Not to bright, and a terrible commentator.

Hooked another one, Turkey.
What kinda bait you using?
Red crawlers? Pink wigglers?

Do you catch and release, or do you fry 'em up with a little butter...?

Sorry, Deb, but Turkey, most of the time, is as serious as the 3 Stooges...

A) It was on the main page
b) Its there third string QB? Wow Did anybody else know that?
C) Maybe I should just post the same thing over and over and over again like certain BC fans do....Defending champ......Third string QB.....Injuries...... Would that be better for you?

When you offer something to the forum, other than your usual drivel, you can talk about me.

As for anyone being jealous of you or your team, all I can say is