Lions send J. Jackson an offer

As per TSN

[i]The B.C. Lions have made thier first big off-season move.

CKNW in Vancouver is reporting that Lions coach and general manager Wally Buono has sent an offer to free agent quarterback Jarious Jackson, believed to be a three-year deal in the $200,000 range per season. Jackson made just $50,000 last year when he started out as the 3rd-string quarterback but he's in for a big raise after going 9-3 as the starter in place of the injured Dave Dickenson and Buck Pierce.

It's a clear indication that Buono wants Jackson back – but if a deal is not cut by Febuary the 14th, Jackson becomes a free agent and the Lions will be down to just two pivots on the roster.

Jackson told CKNW today that the offer needs work and that his camp is preparing a counter offer which will be presented to Buono sometime this week. He again re-iterated that re-signing with the Lions is his number one choice.

Perhaps I am in the minority here, but I think that offer is way too generous to Jarious. He did well no doubt, and he guided them into the playoffs, but I figure he should be making about half that.


Half is still 100k/year.

It appears to me anyways that they just replaced DD with 2 QB's making 200k/year.

I am flabber gasted if its true that he would turn up his nose at 200k per season. Who the hell does he think he is, Printers??

I agree. He has only played half a season. He should have signed on the dotted line. That is more than generous!

For 200.000$ and bad stats,Jackson will stay in B.C.

I completely agree. This seems really arrogant. And it makes me wonder, what’s going to happen to Buck Pierce? If I remember correctly, he’s already under contract, but considering the Lions are shelling out so much cash for Jackson, does that mean he’ll be the back-up QB now? It looks like the Lions went from having great depth at QB to having no QB’s. :lol:

Chief, arrogance is a good word. I hope its not the player talking, but the media writting their own stories. I think both Jackson and Pierce will compete for the number 1 job. Last year Pierce was #2 Jackson #3. The previous year, Jackson started out as the #2 QB but Pierce out played him.

We don't need a repeat performance of a Casey Printers out here. Just because Jackson had a decent (great in some eyes) 11 games, does not automatically award him the starters spot.

And not to take anything away from Jackson, but you also have to look at the play from Ian Smart and Joe Smith. Would B.C. have won 14 games without those two guys? Tough to say...

Like you, I hope it's just the media gossiping. I hate it when players hold out because they think they deserve more money.

Before people bash Jackson and him turning down 2oo grand we must first understand that a contract is a complex issue. There are more things associated with a contract then just his base salary. Maybe incentives are built into it or bonuses for being named MVP etc.I have never seen or read a pro contract but I suspect that there is more to it then just wages.I for one feel he has the right to make sure all the issues are adress before he signs off on it.

Now if Jackson signs a one year deal and has a great season, well then, maybe he could command big numbers for 2009.

...very good the JJ case for example I heard the last stumbling block was the issue of the Jelly Belly flavours availabel in his stall....he wanted all the blueberry ones removed, Braley is refusing saying it will take time away from the pillow fluffing on Simon's seat....

Red I heard he wants a suprman cape much like Simons.

...I am all for QBs wearing capes....

How about running backs that would be great for lineman and linebackers would it not.

Um not that I want to pick on your grammar and spelling, but I think you ment Pink Tutu's. Isn't that the the new QB uniform to go with last seasons QB protection rules? :lol:

I think JJ should decline the offer, the Lions refuse to offer more and then when Buck goes for shoulder surgury in the off season, the Lions can go to camp next year with no QBs. Perfect!!

Anyway, JJ is the #1 QB in BC now, and if they want to sign him, they will need to pay him accordingly.
JJ is in a pretty decent bargaining position at the moment, and I expect the Leos will eventually sign him for more than the opening offer of 200 grand.

So if a defender grabs a cape, is it a penalty?

For that matter, if a player has a long pony tail or dreads hanging out should it not be fair game for a defender to grab? :lol:

lets just hope his zipper stays up

A couple of questions about the original post.

Wasn't their "first big off-season move" cutting Dave Dickenson? And can a contract offer really be called a "move"?