Lions season tickets hit over 19,000

Way to go fan's for getting out thier to get your lions season tickets this year, winning the grey cup helps, but what i also thinks helps is all the sinings of the players they want to keep, it looks like they want to win the cup for the next couple of years,and be the first team since the 77-82 eskimos to win three or more grey cups in a row.I think we can, but i also heard on cknw today that buck pierce is going to play a lot of games next year , maybe more that half.What i like about this season coming up is if Casy Printers signs with the argos, i am going to be at that game at bc place, that is going to be some kind of atmosphere,I already bought my season tickets at the end of the year,and if thiere is any indication of how fast they already sold over 19,000 tickets,the lions could be taking over as the number 1 sports team in town, exspecally if the canucks do nothing this year. So i am predicting that the lions are going to get 25,000 season tickets this year, and if we get off to a good start, we will be averging 35,000 a game.

And if the Canucks keep playing crappy, some of those "Fair Weather" fans might meander over to the Football Stadium!

Talking about winning 3 GC's in a row after winning one? Slow down a little, don't get too excited. :lol:

That all sounds great dupsdell , but explain this . Why do you go from making a postive post about the lions like this one and then post a negative anti-CFL , pro-NFL post in the next breath? And then back and forth between the two?

I've wondered that too pennw. Maybe he's a "Gemini" with split personality?

Amazing... 5 years ago they would be lucky to have 19,000 at a game.

Since Wally's arrival the Lions have been great entertaiment value. I could probably count on one hand the number of dog home games since 2003 and they all occured at the end of the ’05 season.

They do have a good shot at 25,000 season tickets and that should mean 40,000 will be within reach for key divisional games in ’07.

As they gradually open more sections up top... it might be just a matter of time before they open the prime sidelines seats on the other side like they did for the Western Final. They would be easier to sell to new season ticket holders and the Lions would generate more revenue from them.

I got my tix renewed...


I renewed my season’s tickets and I don’t even live in B.C. anymore. Gotta love the 2006 Grey Cup Champs.

i can’t afford to pay for a lump sum of money for season tickets, but i do go to every home game!!! and next season will be no exception…lets go for another one!!!

just 19,000? the building holds 60,000

just 19,000? the building holds 60,000
Yep, I think the most a regular season game had was an attendance of around 35 000, so to have 19 000 sold by december ain't too bad.

Seahawks have 62,000 season ticket holders

any new updated numbers on season tickets?

In case you hadn't noticed the Seahawks play in a different league and a different country . They are known for real big crowds in that league and country. The reality is that this is the CFL and we don't get sellout crowds all the time . This early in the pre-season that is not a bad number . As already noted, 5 years ago the Lions would have been lucky to get a total crowd of 19000 . They still got plenty of time to sell more seasons tickets and much of the BC crowd is walk-up. This should mean we'll get a pretty good size of growth this season . Why do you choose to see just the negative when it is actually a positive??

'Cause he's an idiot. :roll:



120db takes more "stuff" from the group .... than Turd ever did

Go 120db :thup:

Roar Lions

That's only because of the amount of dumb things he posts over there . But you could probably catch him if you keep trying like you do here . Or did they give you the boot there?

How many private boxes does BC places have?

anyone know where the team is on seasons tickets?