LIONS Season Tickets - Good Idea?

Hey sportsfans,

New to these boards so haven't really browsed around much and I'm sure there are other threads on this or whatever but...

Is buying BC Lions season tickets a reasonably smart decision if you're not planning to go to all the games? Say you only want to go to five and want to re-sell the other five on Craigslist or something... is that possible to do? Or are tickets just so readily available that the possibility of re-selling seasons just doesn't exists?

And to further complicate this question, which tickets are the most easily-resaleable, i.e. have the most demand? Are there sections that sell out year after year? Club seats maybe? Or gold seats?

Any feedback is appreciated.


Its a great idea to get seasons tickets. There are perks like first dibs at playoff games, 2 for 1 and free vouchers to see games and so on.
You can sell your tickets to scalpers, maybe on Craigslist if they're good seats. Don't count on getting 100% of your cost back unless they're great seats or its a popular game.

Level 2 seats between the 10-yard-lines have been hard to come by for a number of years since the Lions increase in popularity. It's basically about 18,000 seats and all belong to season ticket holders.
There's a good bet you would be able to re-sell them on Craigs list or where ever as the casual fan doesn't have the opportunity to buy seats in these sections for individual games.

I would guess you would have to tell the Lions you are only interested in level 2 platinum, gold or silver seats when and if they come available. I'm sure some do every season.

The view and value of level 4 seats is very good but odds on re-selling some of the games is not as good given these are available for every game.

Check with the Lions office. A few years ago they had something called a "Flex-pack". You could buy 10 tickets for one game, or two tickets for five games or one ticket for ten games. It was very flexible, (Hence the name). That might be better for your situation if they still sell those packages.

Season tickets are 33% cheaper per seat than what they sell to the public, plus you get dibs on playoff games.
If you buy season tickets and go to 6 of 9 home games, then you break even. I'd get in now so you have good seats for when the new roof goes in, and for the grey cup that year. I'm actually quite lucky with my seats. It's only my 2nd year, but I have row 5 on the 15 yard line.