Lions Season Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With qb injuries and NO DEFENCE AGAINST THE RUN, the Lions sad season came to an end at home against the Eskimos.
Wally has some tough decisions before next season most noticeably at qb. Pierce is as brittle as a pretzel , Jarious is old, Casey is well Casey. Lulay should be their guy. Champion showed nothing. Tough way to end a playoff run that has lasted since '96. Unlucky Lions I'd say. :cowboy: :cowboy:

Its not over yet troll.

…unlucky, unprepared, uninspired, underwhelming…whole bunch of uns in there…

…guess RLR didn’t roar loud enough, poor little guy, his lion printed pillowcase will be soaked in tears tonight…

...oh, it's should go for a walk around the block....

Not over yet... Man, the Lions should pray for a Winnipeg win, because if they crossover to face the Ti-Cats, Cobb is going to run wild on them!

Not sure if you know this but a Winnipeg win eliminates BC automatically and the EDSF would be HAM @ WPG :lol:

...the Lions should STILL pray for a winnipeg win...

Which is why I said B.C. should pray for a Winnipeg win, eliminating them from the playoffs, and saving them another embarrassing game. :wink:

That's why Chief said that...... :roll:

Damn the Lions D is just awful. They have been destroyed by good O lines all year and today was embarassing. Also, the Lions had absolutely zero pass rush tonight at all and when Ricky Ray has time and a good running game, he can beat anyone.

I can't believe how dominant the battle of the trenches was in such an important game. The Lions LBers sucked bigtime today. Anton McKenzie has been a disappointment this season, not a difference maker at all. Armour must be really sick because he was a step behind all game. The Lions DBs are afraid to tackle and run along side the ball carrier for 5-10 yrds. This was a home. 8-10 :frowning:

I understand they had to use a 5th QB that had no practice reps with the main team but he was the number 3 last year. He was just in over his head and even if the Lions somehow make the playoffs because Bishop will they dress enough QBs?? Champion will not lead them to victory in Hamilton!! Damn this year has been mostly a downer all year with all their NFL guys not coming back.....and cutting guys like Jamal Johnson and Otis Floyd doesn't look so good right about now. :thdn:

See, Infamous got me! :smiley:

Hey, i'm all for another embarressing BC game :lol:
Especially if it means we get to rip Winnipeg off our backs this week. They're like a zit that just won't go away :lol:

Chief, I think you have had too much to drink now... time for you to go to bed! :wink:

Even if the Lions some how squeek in, they are in no way able to beat the Tabbies in Hamilton. Making the playoffs will just look good on the resume.

Its not over, yet. We still have a chance to make the playoffs. Then, IF we can start playing like a real team again, we may be able to beat Hamilton.

good luck to the Cats in the 'almost 'play-off game ....they're gonna need it...The Bombers will be waiting to give the first installment in the ...'Cats season ending scenario' tomorrow....enjoy.... :lol: :rockin: and oh yeah.....adios leos... :thup:

It's over. Say no to the stupid crossover.The lions just didn't show up. There's no way you should lose that game that way, granted all the bad luck with injuries. They should have put the Riders and or the Stamps away when they had the chance. 2 games at home and you cant finish the deal? With all due respect to the eskimos, this isn't even the stamps, riders or als.

Also should the lion make it to the crossover, I'd say it would be fortunate. IMHO the east is a bit easier then the west.

Anyways, the lions have some decisions to make with the QB, Pierce is butter soft, Jackson is inconsistent, etc.

I think likely Casey will be back and one of Champion or Lulay. I can almost certainly say one of Pierce/Jackson will be gone.

Sigh...atleast my Avalanche are the best team in the NHL :smiley:

What,s the word on Printer,s injury?. If Printers is ready to play next week, He could be dangerous against Hamilton,B.C could make a game of it __ On the other hand it would be great to see the Tabbies sack Printers 5 or 6 time,s -Oskee wee wee :rockin:

Like the Ticats (or any one from the east) are going to get passed the Al's. I can't wait to see that smack down!

Printers is done for the year. Buck could go but will last a quarter at best. Champion is like throwing Christians to the lions. Lulay is out. Jarious status is unknown. Bring back Joe Kapp :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: at least he was tough enough to last a season!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

The Lions were 8-7 and if they won their last 3 they would have won the division. Barely lost to the Riders...Printers INT in OT. Barely lost to the Stamps....last play of the game. And then Printers gets hurt early and the team is just demoralized and crushed at home.

Who would have thought last night would have been like that? Sure Edmonton could have won but not like that. All of a sudden the Esks look very dangerous. An O-line that plays all 18 games together....unheard of and a huge advantage compared to most teams.

All the QB injuries....and no one mentions a lot of it is due to a weak O - line. These guys are taking shots because they aren't protected. Ray was barely touched last night and the Lions QBs are running for their lives.

Wally: Fix the Trenches. Both Lines are being dominated. Get a new offensive coordinator. The offence is boring and predictable. Throw in some trick plays. Fix the 3rd down and short plays. It's been 2-3 yrs now where they get no push and are stopped. Last year in the Playoffs against Calgary where Labinjo shut them down and now this year many times including last night's turning point. /sigh