Lions say Bruce's status not affected by police incident


11/14/2011 1:58:25 PM
An apparent parking infraction involving B.C. Lions slotback Arland Bruce III triggered a brief club statement and not much else Monday.

"There was an incident," head coach/GM Wally Buono told reporters Monday. "We were made aware of it. Hopefully it's not any more than maybe a small irritant.

"At the end of it, it doesn't affect Arland's position on the football club. We are just going to move forward."

Const. Lindsey Houghton, a Vancouver police spokesman, said privacy issues prevent police from releasing any further information.

It's unlikely there will be any further investigation into the matter or that charges will be laid, Houghton said.

The Lions players had the day off in the buildup to Sunday's West final against the Edmonton Eskimos.

As much as I miss his performance, stuff like this fuels the fire of his questionable character speculation.

What, he had a few beers or something like this and told someone to f off. Big friggin deal. Really. :roll:

If it was something as benign as this.

Sounds like a whole lot of nothing.

He never did that at Hess Village when he was here.(tongue in cheek)

An apparent [b]parking infraction[/b] involving B.C. Lions slotback Arland Bruce III triggered a brief club statement and not much else Monday.
a parking infraction?

slowwwwwwwwwww newssssssssssssss dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Maybe if it were a Hugh Grant-type of parking incident.....

maybe he parked on a boy scouts foot or an elderly woman's scooter..

but a Hugh Grant type incident would be more interesting. :wink:

It was probably one of those "Illegally parked but I'm in the car" situations and he was told to move by a cop or a meter maid and some chirping followed. That is what I would guess, and whole bunch of nothing because both parties decided to act like idiots. That is just pure, unadulterated speculation that no one should hold any kind of a grudge about.

I think we need to put this thread to bed.

All it is good for is speculation, which while fun, gets us nowhere when the "facts" apparently will never be released, according to the police. I know I've had parking tickets before. Are they newsworthy, even if I was a famous person? I don't think so. Time to just move along..... :wink:

AB3 should thank his lucky stars he wasn't tasered. Those Vancouver cops seem to be quick on the trigger.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not so quick to break up a riot, though.

Lucky he didn't run a fowl of the aggressive Sargent Pepper.

I also heard that sometimes Bruce doesn't sort his recyclables into the correct bins. Good thing we got rid of him - we don't need that kind of trouble.