Lions - Roughriders Pregame Thoughts

it'll be adios Stubblejumpers if we punch out their lights on Saturday. everything on the line for them, at home - should be a gaurenteed good time for all. old time football. I like our odds after chowing down on Calgary in their barn Saturday night. I've got a good feeling about this one.

Agree with you GreatMystic! This is the mother of all CFL games for both the Lions and the Roughies. One team or the other will have its winning streak snapped. [both if they tie] The Lions are on a 4 game roll but Saskatchewan is enjoying a 3 game roll. A Rough Rider win and they're tied with B.C. with 10 points. That will make things very difficult for the Lions considering they meet Edmonton and Calgary in back to back games starting next week.

A win for the the Lions on Saturday and it puts some breathing room between the Lions and the melon-heads. They'll also extend their streak to 5 in a row. There will be a 2 game spread between the two teams with not that many games left to play.

I'm worried about Getzlaf and Dressler. Don't know about Fantuz. Apparently he's day to day but if he can play he can do a lot of damage. Of course we have Simon, Bruce, Gore and Foster and an assortment of other quality players. Between Durant and Lulay I think Lulay is the better QB- at least right now but it's going to be absolutely wild in Riderville. If the Lions come up flat as they've known to in the past, they will be toast. There will be no free lunches. The Riders want this game bad- real bad!

The Lions can beat Saskatchewan but both teams have got momentum on their side so it's not going to be easy. I think the Lions are going to pull if off if the O Line raises the bar and if back breaking penalties don't figure into the game. Let's hope the Lions win and stay healthy for their debut at B.C. Place on September 30. That is the game I just can't wait to see! :lol:

Frankly, who cares that we beat them once already or that we're the hottest team in the league right now. If the boys don't play this one like a playoff game then we are not going to make the playoffs.

I only wish this one was the last game at Empire. This is definitely the biggest game of the year for both teams... Enjoy it Riders' fans, I'm envious of you being there.

This game is more important for Saskatchewan because a loss would be 4 points behind BC. When Saskatchewan is at its best, offense is productive and defense forces interceptions. BC wins if Saskatchewan strengths are neutralized. That is, BC defense remains solid and wins turnover battle. On paper, BC is superior in offense, defense, special teams, takeaways-giveaways and fewest penalties.

Even if they do lose YoEleven , Doesn't mean they're going to miss the playoffs. Hamilton is struggling of late, and Montreal hasn't been firing on all cylinders either. The Lions still are in the race for a crossover . We still have a third of the season left.

This is the biggest game of the season. If the Lions win, they move to 6-6, have a 4pt lead on the riders and have the all important season series. They'd only need to win 2 out of their last 6 to make the playoffs. Needless to say this game is huge, but even bigger for Saskatchewan. They lose and they can start hoping for a crossover spot instead. if they win, they're right back into it.

I think the Lions are a superior team on paper, and to be honest I still don't think the riders are out of the woods, so hopefully the defence continues to dominate. We all know Darian is good for at least 2 INTs, so let's make them pay for his mistakes. As long as the Lions play like they've been playing of late they'll be fine.

This is easily the biggest game of the season yet imo, cant wait.

Right on geroy_simon_081. Good to see you posting again. Haven't seen you in ages! :thup:

Thanks, beaglehound! Appreciate it. I've been posting in mostly the CFL section, but I plan to post more often in the Lions' section now as we watch the Lions march to the Grey Cup :thup:

Great point GS 081 Given the fact this team didn't looked that good a few weeks back. I'd be worried more if the Lions had played lesser opponents the last four weeks and winning by a small margin. The fact that they played the last 4 out of 5 games after this weekend on the road and beating teams like Calgary and Edmonton but kicking their behinds in their back yard speaks volume. This should be a great game on Saturday more matter what the outcome will be. ROAR LIONS ROAR!!!!!