Lions roll to shutout win over Elks in home opener

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions’ defence stood tall on Saturday, as it kept the visiting Edmonton Elks off the scoreboard in a 22-0 win at BC Place.

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A win’s a win but the Lions should be concerned on offence. It took too long for Maksymic and Adams to adapt to the Elk’s three man rush. Too many catches were contested; last year Rourke had receivers open but Adams is not nearly as quick as the Jaguar. Yes, Norman was missed! It will be a whole different ballgame in the Peg. The offence can’t rely on the D to keep them from faltering. I still worry about Adams and his state of mind. He seems to be easily rattled. We’ll see…

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Shhh. I’m gonna pat those Lions on their heads and tell them that 22 points is all they’ll need to score in next weeks game against the Bombers. I’m NOT going to tell them that they’ll need twice as many points to actually WIN the game… 'cause that would a stinky thing to do.


That Elk offence is pretty offensive. It doesn’t get better with 3 games in 11 days coming up & the GC champs on deck. If there isn’t a change @ QB next game there’s somthing wrong. How do you have the ball for 34 minutes & put up 149 yds net offence? All in all, an unwatchable game from both sides IMO.


It was a letdown all right. They had a nice crowd and a lot of hype in BC but unfortunately they had Edmonton as a near helpless opponent. What do we have to do get the Elks up to the point where anyone will look forward to playing them?

Grant them a supplemental draft and treat them like an expansion team maybe?

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Just fire that Chris Jones already now, since our team is at rock bottom, so we can have a chance to pull out of this misery to some meager degree this season.


Unfortunately Jones said Cornelius is our QB moving forward and they will be working with him and coaching him up to be better , Jones in one stubborn guy , and we Esks fans are in for another long year

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man i hope the Lions beat the Bombers so i don’t have to keep hearing the same old bestest tune over and over.


Two games into the season and the Lions have only brought their “B” game. But that was good enough considering the opponents. They had better bring their "A: game on Thursday.


Sadly their Deeeep threat Kid Kanada left for the glory land.
BC back to average again… would loved to see Nathan Rourke stay one more year.

Actually, so do I.
Would be nice to go into the playoffs with a chip on their shoulder.
Then again, it is nice knowing you’re the shat too.

honestly i am at the point where i’m glad he went to the NFL because the play quality has gotten so poor in the CFL as to be almost unwatchable. i want to see him playing against top players with 4 downs, not spring league rejects and less offensive plays.

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Problem is the Bombers have some built in advantages. First of all, due to their geographical location, they have the least travel distance in the CFL. While BC, the Alberta teams & the East have to fly round trips of 8-9 hours over 2-3 time zones 4 times a year, the Bombers only cover 2 time zones going to Vancouver once a year - short hops of 1 to 2.5 hours in either direction the rest of their sched. Those 4 trips east by BC this year covers more air miles than the entire 9 game away schedule for Wpg.

Secondly, nobody plays on short weeks less than the Bombers or gets to catch opposing teams more than the Bombers. I’ll let Bomber guy, Hodge, from 3Downnation explain:

“The club has only one dreaded short week, which will occur when they visit the Ottawa Redblacks on July 15 before hosting the Edmonton Elks on July 20. The Elks have improved since last year when they won only four games but still aren’t world-beaters. Even on four days of rest, Winnipeg should be able to beat them at home.”

In total they get 4 teams on short weeks (4 days rest) & their likely main rival, BC, at home when they have been resting for 10 days due to coming off a bye.

Maybe the schedule makers have given them 4 free spots on the bingo card because they feel sorry for all the oldtimers there.

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They already got a supplemental draft named Pelley & a territorial draft. And they already are being treated like an expansion team. But don’t get too comfortable. With 7 of your starting 9 on OL & DL over 30 - 6 of them 32 or older, rebuild is just around the corner. Even Doug Brown knows that.

Hall of Fame DL Doug Brown believes Shawn Lemon could help Bombers’ pass rushy 3Down Staff -

As Willie J enters his golden years, he needs to be put on a pitch count. To be most effective, he can’t be playing 60 snaps a game.”

Willie J. is one of the younger guys in his “golden years”. I’m not one to argue with Mr. Brown. :smiley:Giving up a lot of points this year, Maaax. Just saying.

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That tune is number one on the charts in these here parts.

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hello Argonauts, 2022 grey cup champs?

Good on them. As much as I hope winning the cup will help them with attendance, I won’t hold my breathe.

last i remember, attendance doesn’t have anything to do with who wins the cup.

but Bombers are the class franchise of the league. and i hate the Argos lol.

Really? That’s the last thing you remember?
I doubt it. Seems you remembered how to throw barbs at Bomber fans. :wink:

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hah those aren’t barbs at fans, that’s just my jealousy speaking :laughing: