LIONS Roar in '64, '84, '94, 2000, 2005

Whoever is listening;

The Lions have roared before and The Lions will roar again. Guaranteed!!!!! 2 loses does not make an end to a season. It makes us hungrier, tougher, meaner, harder, u will see.

Go Lions Go

All the WAY

hey look at te edmonton eskimoes 16-2 team losing the confrence finals to the third place riders. Don;t get to high on yourselfs.

Don't you think the Lions should focus on actually clinching that West Final game first before you start guaranteeing the win? They need two wins to clinch it, and with the Sask game and road games with Montreal and Edmonton left, their only hope lies against the two games vs Winnipeg to clinch the West Final hosting.

god point, lions got nothing yet

Oh give him a break...He only signed up today. He hasn't had a change to read the older postings, so he doesn't know what crow tastes like.

We had your number last year by 10 points and if you guys make the Grey Cup final,the Argos will pin your tail back,like we did last year!.
Go Argos!.

You're saying they got no hope of beating Sask , EE or the Als ? They lose 2 and you think that's it for them this year and the only team they can beat is the Bombers???
Your Riders , who are supposed to be the hotest team of the moment barely got by the Lions last game and that was only because O'mahoney missed 3 field goals . He makes 2 of those and your Riders would've gone home with a L . I wouldn' be so cocky if I were you.

Yep remember they have the best defense, the best QB and best offensive line ha hah ah. I think Bouno needs to take the bottle away from Duncan and just maybe he will see the endzone and the goal posts.

Jealous fans that belittle BC accomplishments also demean all the other teams below BC. But surely not all teams are bad in the CFL.

This month, high probability of BC clinching first place from either BC wins or losses by Edmonton and Saskatchewan. In the west, 2nd place is still up for grabs between 3 runner-ups very close in points.

Fans may underestimate the regular season. Overachieving in all 18 games is harder than 2-3 weeks of overhyped playoff games. But for CFL financial survival, the regular season is even more important.