Lions @ Riders

I wish they’d give it to Szarka more often

Wes Cates :thup:

How is Jackson 14-7 as a starter? How many times did he beat up on Toronto or Hamilton? :lol: That stat amazes me.

Quick 1 and out by the Riders. Nice to see! :smiley:

Shouldn't matter but there is no way Cates was in.

I'm not sure the ball crossed the line.

Cates did, but with his back. Close, but I think Sask should've had to run one more to score, in all honesty

note to D— TACKLE!!!

I don't think BC should bother with a QB. Just go Wildcat all night. :lol:

Looks like Robertson is eating up their D...nice to see!

Riders D has had trouble with the run for a while now

Wow, we're moving the ball TWICE in a quarter! Unfortunately, no touchdown.

We'll take 7's, you take 3's, alright?

At least the lions are winning time of possesion

Not as long as BC has.

is the Referee watching something else?

he's missed 3 Obvious holding calls already...

Lions not getting touch downs in the red zone is still a concern for us...sad

Was that a stiff arm from Bagg? Or a good right hook? wow.

A sack on Durant...nice to see!

Banks was in there quick. Wow!

ya but call the Obvious Saskatchewan Holding!!