Lions @ Riders

We still haven't lost yet! There's still hope.

I just hope the Lions make it interesting. :lol:

I'd settle for boring if it meant the Riders won

How long before Jackson's shoulder gets injured? I think mid-2nd

Ooh. An interview with Bob Young tomorrow. That should be interesting.

yeah, it should

I don't know anything about Hamilton's geography or economics, so I tried to stay neutral in the debate. The EM supporters and Bob Young sure seemed to put forth a better, more logical argument, though


No Rod Black

Riders in retro unis tonight

Nice dirty block by riders to start this one...

I agree it was a low hit, but how do you call it a "block" against the returning team?

another bag of groceries from Purolator

We took that one from the Rob Murphy and Sherko Haji-Rasouli playbook. :smiley:

Jackson sure squandered that run by Robertson. :lol:

quick 2 n' out by riders....nice to see!

Was that Rodriguez or Durant?

This play aside, I'm just not sold on Pre

2-point game at half time. Game will be decided in the earl 4th

How long till printers comes back?

As soon as the Lions are 1-7

JJ telegraphed that one a bit