Wow a little deja vu on the opening kick anyone

go b.c

Bish looks off so far. Hope he can get it together.

Boreham took a big hit on the first put and came up ok so hopefully that is a good sign.

Brandon Lynch looked like he broke his leg… what’s new

Go Riders Go

de ja vu again what a surprise charles fumbles...

There's not many plays where Bishop looks "on"

Roberts fumbles

thats not the impression you want to make on your new team charles...good field position for the riders

that was a beuty pass by bishop..... 1 hopped it

Anyone else watching the game notice their sound out of sync? I'm watching on Bell satellite the sound is delayed about 2 seconds. It's weird.

And Bishop definitely is off. Some ugly passes so far.

Anyone else love how Rod Black just makes stuff up as he goes???

Are you watching in HD? some have reported that problem in HD when using an HDMI cable, others have reported its better when using comp cables. Who knows, I'm on bell HD with an HDMI and haven't noticed.

Also could be the way your set processes the signal

WOW how many penalties in a row is that?

Its only with the onfield reporters, It happens quite often

Ok I take that back, just watching Black and Forde and their voices are way out of sync.

Only time I've noticed is tonight, so you're not alone bud.

It's just on HD and it's the first time I've had it happen with this unit. I am using component vid. Commercials are all out of sync as well.

You're right, SD is fine, HD is out of sync.
Its comming from TSN

Apparently Mr. Black thinks BC's points count for the riders too...4-0 wow so hard to get good help.

Beauty catch by dressler

Lovely catch, Dressler!

Finally nice pass bishop,and sweet catch for dressler

One more thing to send in as a complaint to TSN

that and how they are moving next Sundays (Sep 21st) Esks. vs. Als. game to TSN2.

Well Riders D looks pretty good so far. So does BCs, going to be a good one I think.