Lions-Riders thread (July 3)

Hi folks -- anyone watching this game?

Saskatchewan is up 8-0, 1st quarter

I was just about to make a thread myself. :slight_smile:

#21 Phillips for BC just intercepted a Durant pass and returned it for a TD. 8-7 riders.

Turnovers galore, but it is nice to see offenses that are dynamic.

I like the 4-2-6 D BC is using. It could be very capable in the right situations. #24 Banks is being used as a nickel/LB. I think this is better than going to a 3-4 like some teams do on passing downs. Better to have 4 linemen so the QB doesn’t have all day to throw.

Congi FG for Sask. 11-7 Riders.

Hunt and the BC D just made a big 3rd down stop! The riders challenged the spot and lost.

Hopefully BC keeps bumbling and stumbling like this all the way into next week.

Other than a couple big plays on D I would say BC looks pretty rusty all round. 25-7 riders.

The opposite of last nights snorefest anyway.

I just turned the game on shortly before when Boreham's punt was blocked, a BC player fumbled the recovery, and Boreham recovered the fumble.

Nine turnovers so far, four by BC? Opponents next week looking sloppy?

12 turnovers now. crazy.

ugly game but damn exciting. you never know what will happen next on every play in these kind of games.

anyone know the record for turnovers in a game? i was almost disappointed that last one didn’t count.

oski oui oui lists a bunch of turnover stats in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=39433

And it looked like it would be 13 at end of 3rd quarter. SSK recovered BC fumble, but they took facemask penalty.

Three picks thrown in 3rd quarter, one by Pierce, two by Durant. And second one from Durant was bad pass when it looked like they'd get TD. Drive was aided by McKay-Loescher penalties though. Will some Rider fans want Jyles to start next game? And what is Michael Bishop doing these days? :slight_smile:

Only 128 passing yards by Pierce? And two picks? Porter's week 1 performance doesn't seem as bad now, does it? :slight_smile:

Insane hits going on tonight too. I can't believe how many guys are getting injured.
No total turnover stat on that link, but I'd guess the game with 11 ints must have had a few fumbles.
I still think BC is gonna win this.

14 and climbing! haha

Well, I think that was fumble #7 of this game that we just saw. Pierce sure got drilled, did not see that coming. And apparently Pierce has been sacked at least six times so far tonight.

This game could go either way. The decision to attempt two point convert that did not succeed for BC could make a difference.

Congi gets FG, 28-21 Riders with about 7:30 left in 4th quarter.

Man...this is a helluva game! Lovin' that Sask defence! That crowd sure gets rolling, too.