Lions - Riders Sept 24th

What do you expect in this coming up game? What are some concerns?

My concern again remains a slow start. BC seems to be the hottest team in the CFL at the moment, and a slow start like the past 3 weeks will be tough to come back from!

Running...the Riders never ran in the 1st quarter. Other than a couple of first downs they did not have a lot of success until they put a couple runs in...even though after their 1st run they followed it up by basically the same run and had to punt...oye...They need to put some runs together early and establish somewhat of a balance.

Penalties really saved them a few times. Don't count on the lions having 175 yards in penalties like the Argos or 178 like the Bombers on LD.

I think the DL has really stepped up and is getting pressure on QBs. They may not be piling up the sacks, but they are getting in the QBs face! This was a major point of concern early in the season, and it will need to continue the rest of the way.

Penalties are at acceptable levels, hope that continues.

Andy will likely play:

I think he will be off the ankle for 3 or 4 days and then be okay... knock on wood

This one is about as close to a home playoff game that Riders get this year. Win and they stay alive, lose and playoffs are not happening. They would be 3 games back (with the lost tie breaker) with 6 to go, and the Lions don't seem to be going away any time soon.

the Only way the Riders will win this game is to play mistake free football.

And they will have to find a way to have a fast start for once! Lions will come out swinging and they won't ease off.

Riders just might be in tough here.

In tough, maybe. But they are going to win, no doubt in my mind.

Durant and Cates need to run early and often. Riders can't beat themselves with penalties and turnovers. Our D needs to be just as relentless as theirs, and for a full 60 minutes. Be in Lulay's face all day, and keep the firm of Simon & Bruce under control.

While I agree that this is a big game, I disagree that it is a must win. The way BC has been playing, I think it may be Calgary that we are fighting for third with. With 7 games remaining, the West is still a crap shoot.

I agree, Calgary aint looking too good lately. Hamilton is playing poorly.

So i like the analogy of a play off game.m if they approach it that way, at home, we should win. We play BC well at home. Cant come out flat, in any remaining game. We have 3 wins in a row, and i cant see why they cant go on a bit of a winning run here. They are peaking at the right time, and need to continue.

Probably BC has a better chance of winning. Top defense with superior offense and special teams. Least penalized team and improved turnover takeaway/giveaway. Despite all that, BC might still be disrespected as underdogs by oddsmakers.

We haven't won a game vs our Division yet (0-4) That being said we are only one game back of the Lions, 2 of the hottest teams in the West going head to head, glad were at home for this one but we need to be ready, I think we need at least a touchdown in the first quarter if not then were in for a dog fight. We win this were 5-7 tied for 3rd in the west and if Hamilton losses to Calgary and Edmonton falls to montreal that leaves the crossover and the whole west Wide Open!!! :rockin:

BC is a highly underrated team right now, Their defense is nasty.

The Riders NEED to win this in the trenches. I don't think they can cover Geroy and AB3 consistently, and don't forget Foster. They need to hurry Lulay. This is not the Riders' strong point, but BCs o-line is their weakness. And conversely they need to protect Durant from that front 7. They are scary nasty. I know that the Riders' o-line is strong and Durant is mobile, they held up well against Winnipeg, but BC will be bringing it. The front 4 is very tough, Keron, Hunt, Khalif, even Brent Johnson is playing well. Then throw in the blitzes from Banks and Elimimian. They will be coming after Durant. BC has great special teams too.

It's a tough pick. Both teams are on a roll. I think BC is better on paper, but the Riders are at home ...

This is the biggest game of the year for the Riders, we win, it opens up endless playoff senarios down the road, we lose, well were at 4-8 and are praying that Hamilton tanks their season and we can regroup. I hope we can pull this off.

If this is the Same Riders that showed up in last Year's WSF.. then the Riders show up for big games.

that being said, only a mistake free game and a solid mix of running and passing will win it.

Oddly, Saskatchewan has been weak 2-4 at home while BC tends to play better on the road. Perhaps, no home advantage? Based on most recent week, BC is more impressive. At home, Saskatchewan is lucky to barely beat worst team in league. Whereas BC dominates previously top team at home.

In fairness, the Argos have kept most games close...much like the bombers last season. Also, the riders home record is somewhat could argue that they are 2&0 at home since the changes were made

This is going to be a rockin-sockem game. I too fear a slow start, but both teams are peaking now, and that may bring the best out of both of them.

I sure agree with that. I had never been much of a fan of Benavides, but man, this season, ever since he converted them from a base 3/4 defence to a 4/3,the BC defence has been playing lights out.

I am one of the few who prefers watching great defences over high powered offences. . . and this season, I have really enjoyed the defences of BC, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

They say its never good to judge how a team will play one team based on how they played another. But the reference was made to how B.C. is sooo good because how they beat Calgary. Rider friends, our team beat the second best team in the CFL back to back. When are people going to give credit to how good Swaggerville is??
Yes B.C. is better team now than earlier...yes they have got great athletes playing with confidence...but they don't got we got!!
Let me ask you...if you were in the trenchs...grinding it out...hurt, bent and nearly expired, Are you going to find that little bit of extra that will get you over the top by playing for Bonor or for Miller??

Heck any self respecting Saskatchewanian would walk 10 miles in snow for a Miller...and even farther for a Pilsner..and you'd likely have to be from Saskatchewan to get that joke.

well I really do want the Riders to win. BUT the question is can they do it?

as much as we'd all love to imagine it, we will not win every single game remaining in the schedule... we will have a let down sooner or later.

Thank you mr. pessimist

But not 3 feet for a Marshall. You likely have to be from outside Saskatchewan to get this joke. :lol: