Lions & Riders Post game

My hats off to Pierce, he played with more heart than I thought he still possesed, it looked like the rookie of a few years back, no clumsy hook slides, picking himself up after getting flatteend and soldiering on. running when he had to, grounding the ball rather than taking a loss. where has this been? If we could rely on this kind of performance on a regular basis, there would be no QB controversy, but we can't, so there is.

Of course the Chapdelaine playbook stil looks like it was written by a 6th grader. here's a thought!, on a goal line attempt, rather than trying to plow a 175 pound quarterback past 4-5 -300 pound Lineman. maybe run to the corner and take your chances with your 225 pound running back against a 175 pound defensive back, just a thought Jacques.

The Lions D held strong tonight, Hunt and little "T" pressured all night long in the middle, and aside froma few blown coverages, they bent but didn't break in the back end.

The Offensive line was very Offensive, Ducket ( sic?) was a turnstile all night long, it's amazing Pierce didn't walk up and slap him a few times. Is Sorenson that raw that he couldn't fill in even though he's been here all year?

Although they tried to snap defeat from the jaws of victory, they won, not pretty, and not for lack of effort to lose, but there is still a ton of improvement needed before next week.

Good job lions, im proud of my lions.

Ya nice win! I am still concerned about short yardage. It will come back to haunt us in an even bigger way sooner than we think!

It would help if we tried more than 1 play.
Otherwise great game! Even if it gave many people heart problems at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

the short yardage thing is getting painful to watch - but maybe we will change our evil ways ala Lulay pass.