LIONS Return To Hero's Welcome.

About 100+ people met B.C. at the VANCOUVER airport the night before. :thup:

Today , B.C. had a rain drenched rally of sorts. :thup:


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Over 700 showed up for the rain soaked rally. Why are people bitching about this? It was in the middle of the day on a rainy Tuesday. We had 50,000+ for the Western Final. Stop complaining about our fans.

Who was complaining?

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Uh huh, but this is a thread about how supportive the fans were involved no complaining......

700 on a rainy day in the crisis-zone that is BC ... not bad. Toronto had 3000 for their rally but on a great day. Montreal on the other hand had 300,000 out for their celebration albeit their first Grey Cup in a quarter century. I'm sure the Riders would have a HUGE celebration in Regina should they ever win their 3rd Grey Cup.

Actually it was reported there were more like 2500 at the rally.

....the picture on the front page of the website looks more like the 700 number than the 2500 number, don't count the cars passing by on Georgia.....regardless, those that showed up are true fans and I'm sure the players appreciated their support....

Actually, I am not surprised given the weather and the problems in BC right now. They still are great fans.

Talking to my son, he said it was cold and windy and rainy. So I’m not surprised.

Also, there was the “Homeless” protest 2 hours earlier, where police had to use pepper spray to control the crowd. That may have been a turn off along with the weather.

Thanks a lot man.

people also have to work.

work--- nobody works in BC,it is all play or welfare!!

yeah, o.k.