Lions Return Game

whos returning the ball on punt returns, and kick offs for the lions this year.
i'm living in calgary right now, and always working whenever the lions are playing, so i only catch the highlights in the paper.

Aaron Lockett, Antonio Warren, and even Geroy Simon returned 2 kicks vs Toronto

Myers was until he fumbled against Ottawa

Myers was dropped to get another key guy back on the roster- Carl Kidd. I am pretty sure that he is not in the dog house as Wally likes what he sees with this guy and who knows if a receiver will go down.

The guy made an error in running the kick out of the end zone - err... I mean trying to do it and that didn't figure in the decision to drop him last game at all. He'd be in the dog house or worse if he ever did it again. Remember this is the same guy who had a huge return vs Sask in the exhib season this year so they like him I am sure.