LIONS- Repeat is not going to happen-

The CFL is a really fast changing league and talent is being brought in every year and teams are retooling every season. Bc won the grey cup last season in part to good RECRUTING and building a team with a good D line and linebacking core that dominated every opponent it played-

However this is a new year and I believe the LIons are not going to have a good season this season because of the changes that occured in the offseason- I think people think this is the same Lions team, but its not the same team, and this team is not in the top 3 in the CFl at this point-- Edmonton, Hamilton and Saskatchewan are and WILL be better than BC at the end of the season-

Bc are Grey cup Champions- From a 1-7 start to one of the best turnarounds in league history- BC won the CUP- I am not taking anything away from BC winning the GREY CUp last season but I would like to point out the REALITY of their Grey cup win--

The Lions won the GREY CUP in a really WEAK CFL last season- Allow me to point out the facts----

West- Saskatchewan was terrible last season- Fired head coach after 3 games- Injuries to offense and defense was horrible and they finished last in the West- They were terrible last year and BC won 4 times vs SASK-

  • Calgary BENCHED Burris their leader and starter for an UNPROVEN rookie in Drew Tate, this put Calgary in dissarray and they were never a serious threat without BURRIS, and are still not the same team than when they had BURRIS- Calgary defense was also weak last year with no pass rush, offensively receivers were not amazing either-

-Edmonton- Edmonton retooled last season with tons of new bodies from the SOUTHEASTERN region of the states, Laurent, Marcus Howard, Jc Sherrit, Munoz, Rod Williams, Julius Wiliams- Edmonton had a WEAK offensive Line last season and also didnt have a good pass catching running back like they have this year in HUGH CHARLES- They also had a weak fgoal kicker in Schiavonne who is unemployed and also Damon Duval who is also unemployed-
Edmonton had good players but it was their first year together- Look at now, 2nd year they are setting CFl records in terms of Defensive stats-- Rookie JOE BURNETT picked Lulay off twice in the WIn--

East--- Montreal was horrible last season and is horrible this season- Them and Winnipeg couldnt win a game down the stretch, I believe they both lost a combined 7 of their last 8 games to end the season- Montreal had no pass rush and defense and is much the same this year-

Winnipeg- This team started out 7-1 and started faltering and still is faltering- This is not a good football team at all, but they made the GREY CUP because the EAST was terrible- Winnipeg coach LAPOLICE is one of the worst in the leauge, they have a terrible punter also, and offensively WINNIPEG is not a good team-

Hamilton- The same 9-9 kevin Glenn led team last year- Hamilton is Hamilton with BELLFEUILLE- Always average, never a threat to do anything in the playoffs-- Despite that they went 2-0 vs BC last season also---

Toronto- JIM BARKER? Starter CLEO LEMON was kicked off the team halfway through the season- JYLES came on and did nothing also- players were being shipped in and out from the team-- This was a terrible team also--

Again not taking anything away from BC, but last year was one of the weakest CFL leagues in a while. As I discussed above, the only real credible team was Edmonton last season-- Winnipeg was not a good team after the 7-1 start- they couldnt even beat the ARGOS in week 17 last season- This was a very very bad GREY CUP team representing the EAST--

BC also playing 1 game vs EDMONTON and then playing the GREY CUP at home vs WINNIPEG who again will likely be the worst team in the CFL this season despite having most of the players from the team last season--

Having Khalif Mitchell, Eric Taylor and ELIMINEAN was too much for any of these teams to deal with. Fast forward to this year where all teams are better- You dont see MITCHELL doing anything this season because every team is better and has FILM on him-

The reason I know that BC was not as good as advertised was the SECONDARY- Im sorry but BANKS and PHILLIPS are both not starters on any other CFL team- IT was painfull to watch STAMPS burning BANKS every single time. Phillips cannot cover and tackle and is not a halfback- They are too small these guys--
Marsh is not bad, but there are better younger guys available in the states- Edmonton is recruiting the athletes in the secondary and Saskatchewan also--

The reason I can prove the secondary is really bad is that most of the guys on the BC starting GREY CUP secondary are not in the leaugue anymore-- JR RUFFIN is gone, Tad KORNEGAY is also gone, JR LAROSE is not even starting anymore- This is because the leauge was so weak last season that these guys just played ZONE and basically just stood in areas and the ball came right to them because of the front 7 dominating teams.


Fast forward to this YEAR-- Trouble is brewing with the signing of RICH STUBLER--

Ever wonder why SASK was able to run the clock out with 3 minutes left in the game by throwing short 7- 10 yard passes? Ever wonder why STEVEN JYLES was looking like TOM BRADY last game? Its because of RICH STUBLER and his bend but dont break philosophy-- You see the LIons will hardly force any 2 and outs with STUBLER--

There is a reason why STUBLER was let go in TORONTO and then in Edmonton also- His defenses are not good and any good O coordinator will move the ball for 4 to 5 first downs right into scoring range vs a STUBLER defense-----

Special teams- Macalum is not a good enough punter anymore- His kickoffs are not deep enough also- You are giving up 10-15 yards every exchange vs a better punter- Macalum had a good run but he is weak mentally and can lose a game all by himself especially on the road.
THe tackling on this team is terrible and there needs to be more speed on special teams- open field runners make lions defenders miss all the time-

Offensively LULAY looked great last season because he was playing no really good defenses, this year he has faced 2 good defenses and he lost both games and was hesitant and throwing interceptions- You see LULAY is still a young QB who is improving- he is a good player a hard worker, but is not at the level to beat a team like SASK or EDM- BC will not beat EDMONTON this season- IT wont happen--

LULAY was being crowned the best QB in the league, but if he can win games this season he is for real, but he is not, and he is still pretty much a raw QB that is looking better than he is because of the system-- LULAY's biggest weakness is that he cannot throw the deep ball -- He throws too many intermediate balls and EDMONTON beat them beacuse LULAY cant throw deep- he is too slow at throwing deep and throws it late always-- IF he could throw deep like RAY he would be much better-

Deep threats FOSTER and BRUCE are not getting the ball deep at all because LULAY is in love with the short game-

LULAY has a lot of work to do- he is one of the best young qbs, but he is not a JEFF GARCIA or league MVP every year type of guy----

BENEVIDES- He just does not look like a COACH to me- I doubt it any other team would hire this guy- He screwed up by not kicking a FGOAL 44 yards with 32 seconds left- That to me is PLAYING TO LOSE-- BENEVIDES asked to lose the game right there and the football gods delivered him a LOSS- PRO kickers indoors have to try a 44 yard fgoal--

Whats the main difference this year from last? We are seeing that without INTENSE PASS RUSH that we had last season, our secondary is the worst in the CFL, maybe montreal's is worse- JYLES is easily the worst qb in the CFL and he looked like TOM BRADY vs the LIons--

BANKS was getting burned so bad that he was BENCHED because Stamps would have had 2 easy tds if JYLES knew how to throw a pass properly-- He also took a flag at the endzone-

Not to take anything away, but the Lions grey cup win was an ABBERATION- This year look at the CFL--

We will not see QBs getting kicked off 2 teams mideason like last year in TORONTO and CALGARY- We will not see the EAST GREY CUP representative going into the playoffs on a 4-11 streak-- WE wont see it- Last year it was giftwrapped and the Lions were just the BEST out of a VERY WEAK CFL--

THis year is a lot tougher in the CFL- You are going to see it in the stands-- THe east there is a 3 way tie for FIRST, and the WEST a 2 way tie and Calgary and BC are also 2-2-- We have a real league this season--

The talk about BC going 15-3 was never going to happen because of BANKS PHILLIPS and MACALUM and other players like Marsh who are too old at this point- ALso losing Brett Johnson and AARON Hunt hurts also--

The changes I would like to see are the following----

This guy JOSH BELL has to start- He looks really good in his only start-- He is fast and has played in the NFl, he is young, this is what the Lions need-- Phillips last season was BENCHED to WIDE SIDE CORNER, essentially hiding him because he was so WEAK and then this year he is back to STARTING SHORT SIDE HALFBACK? What are they thinking?

Josh Bell needs to start, and also BANKS needs to get back in the linebacking core, he can cover running backs but not starting receivers-

The Lions need to use way more of AKEEM FOSTER- This guy is huge at 6'4 and fast a long strider, use him or dont play him, no reason why he catches no passes each week--

This is where the LIons need to focus their offense- THE STAR receiver on this team has to be ARLAND BRUCE and not GEROY SIMON-
I know my CFl personnel and GEROY my friends is FINISHED- no surprise the late INT right off his hands, if you look at SIMON , he will drop it seems 50% of passes where there is contact- he is 36 years old, he is not a physical receiver, the DBs covering him are around 23-27 years of age, SIMON is finished- He cant get open deep, he cant get any SEPARATION--

The problem is he is our GO TO RECEIVER despite not having any ability to beat the opposing teams starting DB- BRUCE is the best receiver on this team, he is PHYSICAL, he has much better hands than the UNRELIABLE SIMON- Ever notice how SIMON is never wide open anymore? he is just collecting a paycheque and is experienced, but he is not a Star in the CFL anymore- he is not like a FRED STAMPS or NICK LEWIS or a Jamal Richardson or a Chris Williams or Fantuz or Dressler- SIMON is way too old now- Its time to get rid of him and make him a DECOY and just a possesion receiver- If PARIS JACKSON is just an afterthought on offense then why is GEROY any different? They are both older and arguably PARIS JACKSON could even be better than GEROY SIMON--

GEROY is exactly like CALVILLO- guys playing on reputation but there games is DECLINGING fast but the organization will allow him to KEEP PLAYING and to lose games also--

last game on a critical down, LULAY throws to SIMON on a deep in where SIMON has no separation at all and the defender actually had INSIDE POSITION on simon because SIMON is like a CANUCK, very non physical-- Then last week, I called it before , I said to my brother if they throw it to SIMON it will be INTERCEPTED and sure enough, ball flying off his hands- BOTTOM LINE, any star receiver catches that ball- it was only 5 yards away and you have to make that catch--

There is a reason why mostly 95% of athletes RETIRE at the age of 32-34 years old, its because after 34 they cant play at a PRO LEVEL- SIMON is past 34 years old and is not willing to DIVE or put his body on the line to make a catch- He is finished- that is clear as the dbs now are much to quick for him--

This is why BRUCE is not getting the ball- its the same situation with SCHNEIDER vs LUONGO- LOYALTY only takes you so far, play the real star, not the FADING star-- Guys like FOSTER and JOHNSON also dont see the ball because of LULAYS love affair with SIMON--

A perfect example was vs HAMILTON-- SIMON was being covered by a CANADIAN rookie corner BUCKNOR,, SIMON ran deep and LULAY threw the ball but the rookie BUCKNOR caught up to GEROY and made a deflection- any good receiver at least holds his position and draws the PASS INTERFERENCE CALL- -How many pass interference calls has SIMON made?

SIMON obviously has no POST FOOTBALL future, this is why he is still playing at age 36-- ALSO he plays HURT with broken fingers because he knows with the TALENT on the LIONS practice roster like ernest Jackson and Courtney Taylor and Gore and Ianuzzi that if he misses a game he MIGHT NOT MAKE IT BACK IN THE STARTING LINEUP--- SIMON KNOWS THIS very well and is making sure he doesent miss any starts--

Four games into an eighteen game season and you're bailing out already? Give them a bit of times and they'll straightened in out.

quite sure he bailed out on them this time last yr as well.

remember this little gem


Gridiron, much as I appreciate a lot of your insights and in depth analyses I think you are writing the Lions off way too soon. Despite some pretty shoddy stuff happening you are forgetting that the Lions took the ball down inside the Eskies 5 yard line. They got burned. It is what it is. Had the Lions gone in for the major they would have been up by two with not a lot of time left on the clock. Had they been up by two then the Esks would have been playing catch up football. The Lions could easily be 4-0 at this time. They aren't. They have work to do. McCallum stunk the place out and we're all hoping it is only a temporary aberration from his usual play. I'm ticked off with the guy but I'm not going to write him off- not this early at least.

Simon has still got what it takes. If you believe the guy can't get open on the deep passes then you obviously missed how he broke the passing yardage record. He was wide open. As far as Simon not being able to take hits? That's not what I've seen. I've seen Simon take some brutal hits- and still continue playing.

Should they be using Foster more? You bet. And Arland Bruce for sure!

A problem I have with what you are saying is how you contradict yourself.

Last year you said: " Sorry to break the bad news but BRUCE is washed up" This year you are saying Arland Bruce is the star receiver not Simon. And then you give your reasons why Arland is so good.

Which is it? In my opinion they are both sensational!

I don't know why Lulay didn't throw an end zone pass deep into the end zone to Foster who has a vertical jump of at least a foot more than anyone else.

I look at it this way: With a little more than 9 minutes left in the game the Lions were still very much in the game- despite playing so poorly at times. They were knocking at the door and would have been up by two. Who knows how the rest of the game would have played out? That 108 yard interception run back by Burnett was a killer. Was it Simon's fault? Lulay's fault? Benevides fault for calling play? A combination of all three? We all have our opinions.

Saskatchewan flew out of the gate at 3-0 before losing last week but look at the terrible way they lost the game. Losing the way they did tells me that SSK doesn't have their act together. Who would have thought Hamilton would have demolished the Als the way they did Saturday evening?

Lulay threw a couple of lame ducks and I think they ran the ball far more than they ought to have. At other times Lulay was right on the money and his receivers couldn't seem to catch a beach ball the other night. Harris was simply brilliant!

The Lions did not get into the Grey Cup and win the Grey Cup because of a fluke or because the other teams were weak. The Lions earned every game they won. Nothing was handed to them on a silver platter.

I think you are getting way ahead of yourself predicting that the Lions will not repeat. It isn't going to be a cake walk nor should it be. They'll make the changes they need to make and improve where they have to.

Correction Rich Stubler bailed on Edmonton he is actually a very good D coordinator. benevedes is also a very good D ccrdinator Lions are a very hood football team dont be so quick to write them off yet. Cheers


2 - 2 record....and people are spraining their ankles jumping off the "Band Wagon" already...... :roll: :roll:

That multi-part original post has to be the longest, most-detailed, yet absurdly presumptive post in the history of this discussion board.

Given the accuracy of the same OP's predictions around this time last year - no further commentary, other than some concern about compulsive pessimism, is necessary.

Hahaha Quite funny :thup:

Currently, BC has as good a chance of winning a grey cup as any other team in the CFL. But normally, repeating as champion again is rare in most pro leagues. Premature to judge BC or any team because next champion is whichever team is best in the playoffs regardless of regular season. Teams can change over 18 games. Besides, BC has a history of underachieving in first 9 games and overachieving in second half of previous seasons. 18 games are a better test than 5 games in determining top team. In 2011, BC didn't clinch first overall until the final week.

Grid iron every team is going to makes changes, not just B.C. every team is going to lose a star here and there. I Don't think we have the same team as last year nor do most of the fans on this board. Were going to lose players like everybody else to the NFL every year .So of course were not going to be the same team.
So after 4 games you have come to the fact that the Lions are not going to win the Grey Cup? 4 games! Geez I wonder what you were saying last year starting at 1-7?