lions release qb champion

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kinda surprising.... they seemed pretty high on this kid

His stock dropped when they brought Lulay in last season I believe. I wonder if they already have another QB on their radar to bring in for TC.

...wally has always had a talents for finding qb's, but man he's been going through them lately...

He's been going through a lot not necessarily by choice.
I am very surprised that he was released. I figured he'd be a solid backup and possible starter in a few years.

On the plus side, with his experiance he could easily be the new Argos starting QB!

They really liked Champion, but Travis Lulay worked his way up...

lulay showed he can play. seems to be a pretty determined guy when hes on the field.
i have a feeling champion will be picked up tho... wally has an eye for new qbs, be worth a tryout anyways id think for somebody

Quick, Toronto, sign him so argotom can get his sanity back. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lulay is an outstading QB and a surefire #2 guy, could probably step in over Printers within the next year or so.Champion was good, maybe not good enough.

Travis Lulay has only played a couple of quarters in the CFL, but his style bears an uncanny resemblance to all-time great Tommy Clements. Watching him I thought it was Clements out there! Lulay's command of the game is amazing considering how little exposure he's had to the CFL. That's why the Lions could release Pierce and Champion and are "listening to offers" for Jarious Jackson.

Lulay will likely be the Lions starter by next season and most assuredly by 2012. :thup:

Yes, I thought he work his way up over the years, but Lulay was pretty impressive in his LIMITED action last year. If Printers gets hurt and Jackson throws his "quotas" of interceptions, Lulay could be playing more than expected this year.

if the lions are listening to offers for jackson, surely they must have someone else on the radar... until they sign another qb i dont think jackson will be going anywhere, qb depth is not something you just quickly fill before tc...unless a trade brings in another qb my guess is jackson is safe

I'm with you Towlie. If Wally was prepared to trade Jackson, he wouldn't have cut Pierce loose. Printers has a history of injuries, so I'm sure he wants to keep an experienced backup on the roster, and that means Jackson.

Well, Coach Buono said in March he was "open to anything" with regards to trading Jackson and was evaluating the Argos roster for a possible trade. But I frankly doubt the Lions would trade Jarious as it would seriously deplete their depth...and Printers has a history of injuries which has kept him in and out of the lineup. But they do have this Lulay guy... :wink:

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last year toronto had 2 qbs. bc had 5. maybe the tables are turning this year.

Toronto had 3 QBs but chose to only have 2 on the active roster. Reaves was on the PR for most of the season before seeing action late in the season.