Lions Release Pierce

I think the only way a team takes a chance on Pierce now is if (ironically enough) a team runs into injury problems during the season.

I'm sorry but I have to say it...

Bring him to Hamilton! :rockin:

On a serious note, I don't know why the Argos are not interested. It's better than the bucket of rocks they have at QB now.

They probably are! With the BC / Toronto ownership situation perhaps they had that in mind when they released him. :wink:

Buck has talent but is very injury prone as we all know. Not just concussions but hands, shoulders, ligaments etc.

I think he does have enough talent for someone to take a chance on him. I’m sure he won’t be offered anywhere near what he made in BC which I think was almost 200K.

If neither SSK or WPG want him it's the end of the road for ol' Mr.Pierce.Toronto has already expressed that they have ZERO interest in bringing him in.Maybe he should start applying for coaching job's.My guess however, is that he'll land in SSK since they have no real competition going for the starting job.The talent level drops amazingly after Durant.Perhaps that's why they unloaded a QB today also.

As injury-prone as Pierce has become, a performance-based contract could work for a team. The Argos could do worse than bringing him to camp.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Argos will need someone to throw footballs during training camp....he can at least do that without taking serious hits!!

I can see the Riders bringing in Pierce. The only QBs on their roster other than Durant are Graham Harrell and Cole Bergquist, neither of whom have any CFL experience. I think they could use an experienced backup QB after losing Jyles.

And Winnipeg does seem to be the only other team that I can see him going to if the blew team does not want him.

I could see eskies picking him up to back up Ray! I could even see us dealing Porter to Toronto for well I dono? taking BP as our backup! then again Iv had alot of brown bottled

Nah, Maas is a good QB.
pfffft ahahahahahahahaha :lol:
sorry, couldn't say that with a straight face :smiley:

I realize that college is not pro football,but Graham Harrell was a very good QB at Texas Tech.The version of the Spread Offence they used there under Mike Leach was very CFLesque,in terms of playing in space with the receivers.I don't know anything about Bergquist,but I could see Sask. bringing in Pierce to tutor Harrell on the finer points of the CFL game...

Buck Pierce is a damn good QB with 5 years in the CFL
and a great record as a starting QB with B.C. 21-12-1

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I have got to believe what Barker is saying below is a smoke screen.

“I went through the situation in Calgary with Dave Dickenson and his concussion issues,? Barker said.

“Shoot, I’d like to have Dave Dickenson,
but his physical conditions don’t allow it.

Buck Pierce has been a very,
very good player in this league.

But, again, his injury history is
not very encouraging.

Absolutely, it’s a factor.?

At some point, before Training Camp
he has got to do due dilegence on Buck,

get ahold of his up-to-date medical records,

hire a team doctor[ :stuck_out_tongue:] to check out his injuries
and get an independent opinion from a neurologist.

If he measures's a no-brainer, sign him up.

Don't hold your breath. Porter may even be the starter in Hamilton later this year or next. I don't think so but if Glenn gets hurt we need a healthy backup and BP is not it

Yeah I don’t want to gamble on Pierce. I doubt Porter will be the starter here in the next couple years but he can get on a hot streak and is pretty durable. I agree that you don’t want to hang your season on a QB who is one hit away from ending his season - or career.