Lions release Lemon, Jordan Herdman-Reed, sign Jonathan Kongbo

KAMLOOPS, BC — The BC Lions announced on Saturday that they have signed National defensive lineman Jonathan Kongbo.

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surprised at the Lemon :lemon: release :thinking:


BC now has quite the collection of Canadian DEs, and could easily go all Canadian at DE. Kongbo joins vets Betts & Menard, last year’s 2 draft picks Archibald & Pickett, and this year’s 1st rounder Bemiy; and both Kongbo & Menard have the size and power to play some reps inside at DT (Kongbo did with the Bombers; Menard has with both the Als & BC). They also still have the rights to former draft pick DE Daniel Joseph who was down in the XFL or USFL or one of those Mickey Mouse leagues.

Lemon had a fine CFL career as a pass rush DE, but is getting on in mileage maybe - but won’t be surprised to see another CFL team sign him, even after a few games into the season. If the Stamps thought he was such an all-star last year, they could have tried to retain him or now re-sign him.

Really sad to hear that BC released Shawn Lemon. He was always fun to watch. Maybe his age has something to do with his release. He still has lots in the tank but Football is a young man’s sport. Charles Hughes fell the same way. Both were great with the Stamps. (not to mention other teams)


That is an awful lot of Canadian talent on and-line. Wonder if they can keep it all?

I’m sure Kongo came much cheaper than Lemon. At some point you have to move on from the vets, WPG will have to move on from some HOFer vets likely by next year (Bryant, Bighill & Willie)


Lemon’s status as an american may have played a part. they have canadians on the DL rush ends in Matthieu Betts and David Menard. subbing in Lemon may have created on field ratio headaches. and yes, Kongbo likely was chearper too.

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I guess they will have to sit them as teams are restricted to 7 Canadian starters… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Lemon is a salary cap cut


Actually it’s not a restriction it’s just the minimum number that each team must have as starters . If a team has the talent on the Canadian side they can actually start as many Canadians as they like over and above the minimum mandate of 7 starters .


I think his smiley there indicated he was joking.

Campbell in BC might be able to recall way back to 2016 with the RedBlacks when they won the GC, and were starting/ playing 11 to 12 Canadians combined on O & D; not just the 7 only need apply bunk.


Campbell started 5 Cdn O-linemen in Ottawa at various times.
That’s when they had 4 receivers with 1,000 yards each, two years in a row.

Lemon won’t be unemployed long

I doubt Shawn Lemon was set earn more money than Jonathan Kongbo will be in BC. Lemon is an aging American who was ignored for 2 weeks when free agency began in February. Kongbo is 8 years young than Lemon, is Canadian, and coming off a stint in the NFL.


Lemon was/is a one trick pony - well, 2, he’s a sack master & creates fumbles. But those are very good tricks. Lions had stated upon signing him that he would be a situational player. Wasn’t known to be good vs the run.

You know, Blue, I agree with you. IMO Bryant calls it a career, Bighill has another year on his contract I think, but 35 is awfully old to cover the amount of territory required from a MIKE. Time to do what his buddy, Sol, did & not overstay your welcome.

If I was a betting man I see Jeffcoat going before Willie. Who gets a $10K bonus in his contract if you reach 12 games? A guy who has only once in his career played more than 12. A top 8 guy salary wise in the CFL for playing 2/3 of a season most years? You can do better. Sorry Jackson. Willie wants to play to 2025 when the GC is in Wpg. He’s 32 & the dropoff hasn’t been that much.

There may be 1 or 2 of the oldtimers that don’t make it this year if the Bombers are smart. (Hello Kyrie - placed on the IR AGAIN May 14 - shocker).

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Hard to do better than a healthy Jeffcoat, but he’s not often healthy. The age of our ends was likely why we drafted Bennet 1st .
Who knows which will be the first to retire? Win another GC, maybe they all do.
As far as Kyrie, ya that news sucks. I know you don’t know the player, but every Bomber fan does, and the guy was good. Let’s see if we can find another stud, and Kyrie comes back raring to go.

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…because of the money he wants. That’s why Calgary’s whole d-line came apart. Last year with most of the line on rookie contracts they could afford Lemon. When those guys were no longer rookies - they had choices to make.

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Not that sure, Kongo is not cheap for sure. National DL who comeback from the NFL are not paid cheap. Look at Drew Desjarlais

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Cept that Desjaralis was an all-star starter in the CFL before; Kongbo was only a part-time rotation guy in the Bombers D-line. Kongbo might not be making CFL minimum wage, but I doubt he is getting big CFL D-line bucks (like the Ticats handed to Casey Sayles).

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How do you define “good”, Blue? If you’re in your 6th season & you’ve played 17 games in 4 of those seasons, your only full season (with decent stats) was 4 years ago, how good is he? Do you expect him to pick up where he left off @ 26 when he’s now 30 & possibly going into the season with injuries already?

One good season doesn’t define a player IMO. It puts him in the “potential” category. Can you follow it up? Wilson, at this point, is high risk. It’s not his fault you can’t count on him - injuries happen. But you have to have players you CAN count on. Same goes for Jeffcoat. Giving him $10K IF he plays 12 games is a pretty strong statement from the Bomber brass of their expectations.

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