Lions Release K Duncan O Mahony

I read this on the bottom ticker thing on TSN. THat they Released O Mahony. Do you think the Riders will try to get him?

No the riders seem to be happy with their rookie. Also o mahonny was released because he sucks why would the riders want him?

one teams garbage is another teams treasure

Riders should bring in O'Mhony to training camp nonetheless just to add pressure on the rookie. See how he does in such circumstances.

It would be OK to bring O'Mahony to camp, but I would rather see the Riders go with developing a kicker than bringing someone in, but the Riders wouldnt have this problem if they stuck with McCallum. This decision is the worst that Shivers has made in his time here.

McCallum had some nice seasons. You just never knew when he'd have a good one and a bad one.

they should bring in both Duncan and Kellet to compete witht he 2 rooks they have, cut these guys if they suck that bad, but 2 rooks will not get the job done first year in the league. If nothing else Kellet should be brought in to compete becuase he is a local kid.

Good point. You gotta love your local heroes even if they have a blur vision and their job is about precision.

bombers already offerd omany a contract

welcome to wpg duncan…hopefully he punts better then he place kicks…

You already have Fabio to placekick... or so he thinks.

that is what I meant Third........he will be punting only.......Fabio shouldnt lose the place kicking job......if he does we are really trouble.......

Every year is a different year, wait and see maybe Fabio will be the star kicker this year? and Maybe Duncan will return to just punt and be better than he has in the last few years. Look at kellet when he got released from BC where he was terrible he went to Montreal and hit 80% of his fgs and went to a grey cup (becuase he was on a great team) WHO KNOWS whats in store this year???

fg goal percentage as is is not a good stat. fabio was 100% within 35 yards most of the year last year. best in the league. his % outside 50 was brutal last year but really... i am more concerned about having a great % close than a poor close and good far %. people love to hate westwood which is understandable but he has been a very dependable kicker for a long time. not someone we should quickly let go unless we find someone really good to replace him. hopefully ryan will be back later this year and we can groom him into a reliable placekicker as well.

so the Leos and Riders kickers of last season are gone?

Riders have a rookie, and maybe mite get Ryan if he comes back from Green Bay next season, if the Bombers don't get him again that is.

what will BC do I wonder? didn't they get the Ottawa kicker for the DD?

Lions must think they can get someone better than Omissy...cause why else would they have released him outright?

The Lions do have McCallum now, Maux.....

oh yah i didnt know that thanks.

so MCCallum was released? huh.

McCallum wasn't released - he signed as a FA.