Lions release Global kicker Takeru Yamasaki

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions have released kicker Takeru Yamasaki.

Yamasaki was taken by the Lions in the third round of this year’s Global Draft. The 27-year-old from Japan won the kicking job out of training camp, but struggled through the Lions’ first two games of the season, making just four of his eight field goal attempts. His longest make of the season was a 43-yarder in the Lions’ Week 1 loss to Saskatchewan. Yamasaki was the first Japanese-born player in CFL history to score points in a game.

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What took them so long?

I was expecting him to be released during the 4thQ last week.


Sayonara Takeru Yamasaki. The field goal kicking position is the most crucial element in the Canadian Football League. Therefore you should feel no shame in getting cut. I wish you all the very best in your future, look on the bright side you will go down in history as the first Japanese player to score points in the illustrious Canadian Football League ! :wink: :football: :jp: :canada:255px-Flag_of_Japan.svg

Yah, had to see this coming. Too bad for the kid, but you gotta perform when it counts.

Wasn’t this Yamasaki character from the “global combine” farce the incompetent Greg Quick was running?

What a joke.

Are you telling me there wasn’t one Canadian kicker from the CIS who could have done a better job than this side show?

Some needs to remind Randy Bobandy that the “C” in CFL stands for CANADIAN, not clown.

I guess the teams should immediately dump three quarters of their combined rosters then? Damn those American players coming north and taking our jobs!

And FYI, I just took a look at the BC training camp roster and Yamasaki beat out an American kicker (Flintoft) for the job. Were salary considerations a factor? I have no idea, but if he was so incompetent in training camp they'd have cut him then and kept Ford as the lone Global for punting.

I will sound like a stuck record on this, but the CFL NEEDS the Global Combine.

In short:

There is virtually nowhere left in Canada to expand to without splitting existing fanbases.

U.S. expansion as I understand it would be impossible while maintaining the "Canadian ratio" rules.

The C.I.S / USports / whatever they're calling it this year has 27 schools. You seriously want me to believe that a pro league can survive resting on an entire amateur structure of just 27 teams?

You can shout about it being a "farce" and how It's a CANADIAN league all you like, but let me give you a challenge.

I'm sure many posters here can put together a 100% Canadian roster for one team, possibly two at a push. Try doing it for all nine teams and see what kind of talent drop-off you have. Is it even possible to make nine fully Canadian teams?

For all his faults Ambrosie has an inkling that the C in CFL may just as well stand for "Crying out for exposure". If a Global talent search grows the game, gives players a realisation that another pathway outside the NFL exists and helps with TV and media exposure of the sport outside Canada, THAT is where the potential benefits of the Global initiative may bear fruit in the future.

But, if you want to rail about wanting to watch Canadian kids in an insular Canadian league while dismissing exposing Canadian football to the rest of the world as a "farce", the you and the diehards are welcome to it. The problem is, it really will end up with only other diehards watching, so in a few decades you can all reminisce about the "good old days" when the Argonauts drew 10,000 fans (yes, they really did!) to their games and CFL was broadcast in foreign markets.

P.S. If you are thinking of firing off a snarky reply along the lines of my not knowing the heritage and history of the sport because I'm English, keep in mind that I live in the country that gave the world Rugby League, so insular, terrified of expansion, "local sport for local people" mindsets are nothing new. If you've seen how that sport runs in England, trust me you will get on your knees and thank God (or deity of your choosing) for Ambrosie at the helm of the CFL!

I felt bad for Reilly.

He engineers a drive down to the Calgary 15 yard line only to have his kicker shank a 22 yard field goal.

That can't happen in pro football.

The rosters were 44 2 seasons ago. They added 2 globals in 2019 and increased the roster to 46 so no A or N jobs were lost. This year with the travel restrictions meaning possible difficulty in flying in globals, they reduced it to 1 global and still 45 on the roster so still no A or N jobs lost.

The globals are there to increase viewership in foreign streaming markets where the league has been making significant revenue gains in recent years. These players may not be making large impacts now, but someday someone from Finland or Mexico will earn a regular spot and the streaming contracts will have already been laid and nurtured and the money will roll in easily. In short, the globals are a cheap and easy investment.

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