Lions release d-lineman Steven Richardson

KAMLOOPS, BC — The BC Lions have released defensive lineman Steven Richardson. The club announced the news as part of its rookie camp cutdowns on Saturday afternoon.

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Wonder if the Bombers bring in this fan favorite for a 2nd tour of duty. Suspect Stove would have to sign a far reduced contract to extend his playing career due to the career-threatening injuries and possibly not even pass a hard physical. He’s collected a swack of injury money from the Lions, so why not give himself a chance to re-introduce himself into the league?
The guy was a legitimate toilet-plug in the middle of the d-line. Last year, the Bomber d-line was kinda pushed around at will between the 20s.

I think the Stove is broken still… otherwise the Lions wouldn’t have cut him after a three day Rookie Camp.

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Good points all. The opportunity, even for a Broken Stove is for the Bombers to bring him in under their umbrella, rehabbing the injury and doing public relations events & gatherings while trying to re-hab. A $70k per anum contract redacted to injury payouts might not be much but enough to keep hope alive - and let Richardson learn some about team ops & P.R.