Lions Release Clermont & Roberts

According to this report in the Vancouver Sun today, Jason Clermont has been contacted by Calgary, Saskatchewan and Toronto and one CFL team has already mailed him a contract offer:

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Calgary sure surprises me..........they've already got what is probably the best receiving corps in the league. What other team do you know that would have Ryan Thelwell as a spare part? Who'd sit if Clermont went there?

They went through that problem in 2007 when they brought back Boerigter; it made one starter-quality receiver sit each game, and that made no one happy, so they had a problem there until they bit the bullet and released Boerigter.

Why they'd think of doing something similar all over again is beyond me.

Clermont obivously has been a great Canadian receiver. I wouldn't rush to pick him up though. BC cut him for a reason. It shocks me, because he was a fixture there. However, I don't want to see the Cats pick up guys based on great past years who may have serious injury problems now. We have some good young receiver, definitely need more, but I don't think Clermont is the answer. Roberts will definitely not be here. We don't need another tail back crowding things up. He may have something left in him, maybe not, but he doesn't fit.