Lions Release Clermont & Roberts

Sorry I don’t have a link, but Jason Clermont and Charles Roberts have just been released by the B.C. Lions. Not surprised with the Roberts situation, but any team would love to have Clermont in their line-up. My guess is Clermont will end up in Saskatchewan since he is a Regina boy. Maybe Obie can throw him a bundle of cash and make him a Tiger-Cat!!!

I am scared of Clermont. He has taken a lot of hits over the past few years and I think he's had some injuries resulting from some devastating hits.

He is a good player who isn't afraid to go over the middle but I am leary about how he will hold up.

With Roberts, he is past his prime. I think Winnipeg got a sweet deal for him because Joe Smith is young and has a bright side in this league.

If I recall correctly, Clermont was out with injuries at least twice last year. He's no spring chicken, and all those big hits may be starting to add up.

Obie might take a chance on Clermont, but it is risky. Clermont is good, but injury-prone, like Lumsden.

I guess we’ll see.


How quickly the mighty bad year
and both of these guys are expendable.

Were they shopped around?

or were they on such high-paid contracts
that that would have been a waste of time?

The both of them have some more football in them

and. at least Jason will get to prove it.

Clermont had a knee injury in 08. The big hits he takes are on his torso.. not his knee. So those of you who think those big hits have hurt him are wrong. He is a pretty big guy for a SB and is bigger than most of the guys that hit him.

Hamilton should definitely look at him. I would imagine that Obie has a good relationship with him from his days in BC. My guess though is that Clermont will try to sign with Sask.

Clermont has a great attitude but too many injuries, I would avoid him. And Roberts, don't know but I would pass.

Sask would be the logical choice but I found this at (see Jim Mullin's comments at the bottom of the thread):

Regardless of where he goes, he is a great receiver!!

Clermont won't be unemployed for too long. He is still a very good player who can be the #1 Canadian receiver on most CFL teams, including the Cats. Injuries aside, it must've been a money issue in his case. He didn't seem to have lost any speed, his hands were as good as ever and he was still as tough as they come.

I think Sir Charles may have played his last game. He was truly great in his prime but his prime is in the past. Maybe he'll be picked up by someone for a looksee but I think his days as the premier back are over.

An Argo-Cat fan

Are you kidding me. Clermont is a warrior. He's big with great hands and brings it every game get rid of woodcock and get Clermonts name on a contract ASAP.

From what I understand Clermont was making $180K per year.

He’s 29 years old so age should not be as much a consideration as his health.

My first reaction to this was that he’s banged up because he’s just too good to release. However by letting both Clermont and Roberts go the Lions save in the area of $400K so it could be more of a financial thing.

I’d love to have him here…but my money is on him signing with Regina.

Money I wouldn’t mind losing!

We're the only team in the league with finacial flexibility to sign him. If REgina wants him they'll have to release a pretty good player to do so.

And I don't care about his injuries, just cause he had one injury plagued season in his career doesn't mean he's injury prone. He'd be a great player to have around to help teach the young receivers we have.

Maybe they're making some cap room for Casey Printers

Sask would have to get rid of someone to bring him in, It's unlikely they'll have the cap room to sign him, although the do have the advantage of being his home town.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that some yet to be named CFL teams have already shown interest in Jason Clermont.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

“I think the ability of the player would pique your interest,” said Hamilton GM Bob O’Billovich. “The contract might not.”
Clerrmont had this to say
“I’ve done my research,” he said. “Every one of the top receivers you can name — Milt Stegall, Allen Pitts, Ray Elgaard, Darren Flutie, Geroy Simon, Ben Cahoon — all had their best seasons at the age of 30 or 31. I hope to be another.”

What contract? He was released. His has no contract.

If Wally wants more 'verticality.' in his receiving corps.

I'll take a possession receiver like Jason
off his hands at the right price any time.

Come the 15th of February lets, at least, be in there bidding.

With the salary mangement system in full gear
he might have to settle for a lot less money.

He has no Contact Ron We Cam bid on him now
He was cut ..
I say we offer him some Bucks to come east
He could Replace Miles who was a Bust
He could help our Young WR's
Bring him in ...

Didn't I say let's take a shot at Jason on Dec 15th
when our new Offensive Co-ordinator is in place?

How is that for covering up my braincramp?

No? And I was so sure I did. Lie.

Steven Harper should have taken a lesson from me.