Lions release Armstrong

I thought it was Arceneaux dropping all the passes... :lol:

Hard to believe that Armstrong is the fall guy for the Leo's inept offense... I thought Chapdelaine made the play calls!

I have no idea why. He has been pretty good for us. He is NOT the problem with our offense.

Well, the Esks currently have an opening at WR. Maybe we'll give him a shot. :lol:

nah man the stamps can take him and have him and bryant on wide out and rambo and lewis at slot back :slight_smile:

...Armstrong?, that's crazy Mutiny on the Bounty stuff...might as well can Geroy too, he only has like four more catches and 60 some more yards....

I'd be all right with them releasing Simon...

Could be Armstrong or Efrem Hill, both are imports.

Edmonton is ridiculous for releasing and re-signing guys.

Wally is starting his Sept. 1 veteran purge a little early. The order must have come down - if you're not gonna win, get young and get cheap. Don't be surprised to see more high-priced talent cut loose if they lose in Regina this week.

anyone can lose in sask, and most do. It shouldnt be a decision maker.

Maybe he should start with our O-line coach and half of our O-line, the real problems with this team! The last problem we have is our recievers.

It's not so much losing to SK, but that if you do you're 1-6, meaning you have to close out at 8-3 just to hit .500.

2-5 isnt much better. It would most likely mean that they caught the riders on an off day. The time is now and yesterday to make whatever adjustments, or else just sink or swim with what they have.

Bit of a head scratcher, Derek Armstrong has been the only receiver outside of Geroy that has scared anyone this season. Arceneaux is having a terrible year and Paris is banged up (no pun). Start releasing O-lineman or your O-coordinator if you're going to do that, stupid move.

Since the majority of posters in this thread seem to think Armstrong was performing then maybe it's time to question whether he was a disruptive influence in the dressing room.

You have a valid point Blue Blood. In my thread I said it COULD be Armsrtong for replacement in Edmonton. But Efrem Hill I think will get a call first. I could be wrong however as we''ll find out on Wednesday according to Hall.

Nonetheless, I don't think Armstrong will be unemployed for very long.

Maybe Wally's getting soft, and showing signs of guilt. He knew Armstrong would get another job, but releasing Arcenaux would end the receiver's career, and Wally just didn't want to put the kid on the street.

Yeah, right. More likely its just altzeimer's.

He'd be a good fit in Edmonton. Release Campbell and get someone in there who can actually catch a ball in the endzone.

I think Wally is in building mode now. I read some of his comments in the paper this morning and the way he explained the cutting of Armstrong was that it was nothing against Derick's performance but the offence had to get better and Passmore would get better whereas Armstrong would not. He wants Passmore to get the reps this year so that he's not green next year. I wouldn't be suprised if Robertson is let go if Mallet gets cut in the NFL. He was quite nasty when describing Robertson's performance this year. Everybody always seems to give Wally the benefit of the doubt because of his record - is it that way in BC or are you guys starting to questions his capability as HC?