Lions release 18, including QB Will Arndt

KAMLOOPS — The BC Lions have trimmed their roster down as they enter into the final week of training camp. The team has released the following players:

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A little surprised Arndt couldn't even hang onto a second string job. Go figure.

But that's a good sign that the two kids have shown really well.

The coach saw lot's of Arndt the last season they played .

The other two must have shown more potential .

I wonder with the change in roster sizes if they are going with just two QBs? Reilly and Rourke. The 3rd QB still in camp is Patterson

Good for the young guys of course, but if Reilly gets hurt like last season I'd sure like a bit of CFL experience to fall back on.

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If Reilly gets injured and Rourke has to step in and no 3rd QB? yikes
My guess is that the 3rd QB - Patterson will be offered the practice roster.

I have to wonder if Reilly's big $$$ contract is limiting the amount they can spend for his back-up. Hope they keep Arndt's phone #.