Lions rebound with dominant home win over Stamps

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions shrugged off their Week 9 loss to the Blue Bombers with a dominant performance in the 37-9 win over the Calgary Stampeders on Friday at BC Place.

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If Betts had been there any sooner he could have caught the snap from center. Man he’s fast.

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I can’t say I’ve ever seen somebody bat the ball out of the punter’s hands before he could drop it.


Betts is in and out so fast his girl friends won’t talk to him anymore.

Oh, Maaax, :astonished: :joy:

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Dear Dave Dickenson it has been many years since I have saw a Stamp team pay that bad (save the stamps) right now sir I feel you have absolutely no idea what is going on. You have Lost control of this team. The pay calling is pathetic and basically easy to figure out. My 7 year old was calling the plays for the BC defense and was 96 percent accurate (got it)? Now defense was our coordinator drunk? How do receivers get open like this? It was Like our guys either could careless in the coverage or just plain did not care. Yes stamp fans have been spoiled but thats be honest Lemon was not good enough for our defense but is playing like a super star for the ALs. It appears you not only screwup the coaching but the GM duties. I spend my money on good entertainment and frankly not sure you can provide this anymore. Every stamp fan I have talked to say we are not even going to beat the ELKS. Maybe do us a favor take the year off and let someone coach. One very pissed off fan!!!

hate the stamps and everything else calgary; minor league city in every regard

I’ve seen Calgary underperform a couple of times since the beginning of the 2022 season. Definitely not to the level of BLM is his better years and Maier is no BLM, at least not yet.

Not helped by the fact that BC clearly took Calgary seriously.

As a BC fan I was a bit hesitant about this game, I really thought Calgary was better than their record and could be dangerous, especially if they got ahead early…

Now I’m not so sure. All I can say is it was a great day at BC Place! Roar!

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I could care less what you think!