Its been a long time since I've seen a Lions team quit under Wally's reign, but they sure quit tonight. That was a dismal performance in the 4th quarter and they should be ashamed. They completely folded the tent. Wally needs to shake things up.

Some poor performers tonight ....Barrin Miles and Rob Murphy. The rest of the oline was pretty poor as well, as Jackson's scrambling saved the sack total bigtime. Despite that, Jackson had a pitiful 2nd half. The Lions secondary is probably still in an Edmonton hospital tonight, stuck in the burn unit.

While Brent Johnson had one of his better games, I've noticed twice this season that he seems more concerned about getting earholed than chasing after people. That's high school. Quit looking around and make a play!

Lions didn't quit, they just couldn't match an invigorated Eskies team. Gret game tonight!

Depends on who you ask cause getting ripped off and lied to wasn't my idea of great.

I tend to agree.

We got outplayed in the second half and the Eskimos took the momentum and ran with it. They played with passion and that was the difference.

Plus, we do miss Geroy in the line up...he's a big part of our team.

The Lions made no changes. The Lions look old. Slower. No passion since Riders beat them in west final.

When Ray is healthy Eskimos are good. Still think all 4 west teams make playoffs.

You should have mentioned that give the credit tot the Eskimos for turning it on in the 4th quarter.

Good post Deb an honest one at that.

The Lions didn't play all that bad, they just couldn't turn it up a notch to match the Eskimo's when they did.

I agree with this. It's easy to point fingers after a loss but I really think this one was a collective poor effort in the second half. Edmonton seemed fired up after that interception in the third quarter and the Lions just couldn't do anything to change the tide. It's really too bad because they looked damn good in the first half. Hopefully this will be a reminder to the team that you can't just play 30 mins and expect to win a game, especially on the road.

Have to agree with the majority here. The Lions are a great team that met an emotionally charged team that on this night at least, got the better of them. There is no shame in that. On most nights they played well enough to win.

Edmonton is generally a lot better at home as well, we'll see how the re-match goes in BC place.

Yeah, I think people should give Edmonton the credit they deserved rather than saying the team quit or not. Edmonton didn't quit, so that made them the better team, and most deserving of the win.

As a riderfan posted after the Stamps lost to Winnipeg are heads going to roll! LOL