Lions Question of the Year!

Will B.C. finish up in First Place this year?

That question is on the minds of everyone I’m sure. For it to become a reality 2 things are going to have to happen:

  1. Calgary will have to lose against Hamilton next week.
  2. B.C. will have to win against Toronto and then against Calgary.

Hamilton has only won 3 games all year and is out of the playoffs. Calgary is at the top of its game and sits at the top of the western division. A win in Hamilton and Calgary takes first place! Calgary has everything riding on the Hamilton game. Hamilton are playing for their jobs (so they say) and for pride.

If Hamilton plays Printers in that game against Calgary this would give Printers an excellent opportunity to “stick it” to B.C. by coming up with a poor performance. Some key fumbles and interceptions would deep six B.C.s chances of taking first place. Oh I’m not saying Casey would intentionally throw the game by letting Calgary win. His ego wouldn’t allow him to do that. Not at all. Hehehe. But he IS in an interesting position wouldn’t you say to mess with B.C.? That is of course assuming B.C. beats Toronto.

Well I would not worry about Mr. Printers, I think if Hamilton is smart this will be his "sunset" for football. As one of his coaches once said .... One good year does not prove his ability... hmm wonder who said that. It has proven to be correct, since leaving the lions Casey has not progressed and I sure would not want to paying his salary for minimal return.

i heard glen suitor saying on sat during the calgary and winnipeg game that hamilton could win this game becuase they are at home, and becuase hamilton last home game, but would not count on it, also calgary have not won a lot of road games this year.

I hope Hamilton pulls it off dupsdell.

Who knows, maybe Hamilton won't even play Printers or they may rotate quarterbacks. Now, that they are out of the playoffs they are "building" for next year and the players know this. Also the Ticats owe it to the fans to play their hearts out even though there is nothing at stake. Perhaps I shouldn't say that. If I were a Hamilton fan I might not want to renew my seasons tickets. After all how many games have they won total in the past 3 years?

At the very least B.C. will be playing for second spot when they play Calgary in a couple of weeks if Calgary beats Hamilton. And we have playoff tickets! We want to use them.

Not holding my breath for a 3-13 team to knock off a 11-5 team that is a win away from locking up first place.

The Lions will go into Saturday's game knowing their 4-year run atop the West is over (since the Stamps-Ti-Cats game is Friday). But the focus should still be on a 2nd place finish and hosting the semi-final game here, likely against the Riders.

Should be a good crowd on Saturday and a huge stampede when the gates open with only 3,000 Jason Clermont bobbleheads up for grabs.

Your darn right I want to use my playoff tickets, even if it is for the semi-final. Seems to me that having to fight in the semi and then the final keeps team focused. Plus the lions appear to do better and win the cup when they don't finish first. :twisted:

Hi Leo fan~

"Plus the lions appear to do better and win the cup when they don't finish first"

I decided to see if that were true. Actually of the 5 Grey Cups the Lions have won, they finished first in 3 of those years; '64, '85, and 2006. The other years, '94 and 2000 they finished 3rd.

I think we will remain in second. Calgary holds the tie-breaker and I don't see the Ti-cats pulling off an upset.