Lions QB Mike Reilly files grievance on unpaid $$

Glad to hear both sides are refusing to comment for once.

Hope Reilly gets what he's owed. Braley has money set aside in the estate.

I wonder if the bonus was supposed to be paid fully up front or a portion of each season? Devil is in the details....

I didn't like that Reilly getting paid $725K/season by GM Hervey,
who is now gone from the Lions.
It is way too much $$$ for this League


You won't get quality QBs without paying a premium.

I remember those days in the 1980s and 90s.

With the exception of Flutie, they weren't that many good QBs at the time.

With a Salary Cap, if the QB takes such a huge % of the cap and with the floor raised to $65 K last year from $54K, it took so much $$$ away from his team mates, and hurts the League overall


I think there were a lot of great QBs in those decades. If salaries were capped at say $500,000, Reilly would still be in the league making that. He started out signing for much less.


True enough. But can't fault Reilly for getting paid that type of money.

He just had a horrific offensive line in front of him.

Was the GMs responsibility to allocate the salaries paid out to players in this system.

And what was the reason in 2018? His last 2 years playing have been missed playoffs. Missed Playoffs, in the CFL??? I think if you are being paid top dollar in the league you better be able to make the playoffs. 2 years in a row at last in West makes me question the price tag.


...2018 Reilly had a great season as an individual playing on a mediocre team that had a so-so season (esks were 9-9 that year) player, regardless of his position, isn’t going to determine whether they make the playoffs or not...I agree the price tag was an eyebrow raiser though..

Wow! The plot thickens
Hervey went and guaranteed the $ without Braley's or Lions President LeLacheur's knowledge!

Hervey has always been dogged by a disrespect for proper protocol both as a player and a front office guy. I don't care for him at all.

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With Braley's health in decline, I could see him not being aware of the fine details, but to have absolutely no one else or even in the league office be aware?? So the documentation is something separate than the contract? Future money under the table later on

It could make sense why Hervey just abruptly left and with the PA not commenting publicly leads to me to think there was no knowledge. Hopefully all of the parties can come to a quick resolution.....there's money in the estate after all

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I'm thinking finding a new job might be the least of Hervey's problems. There is going to be retribution to be paid either to the Lions, CFL or courts.

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Sorry; 1 QB will determine a team making the playoffs in the CFL
6 of 9 teams qualify (previously 6 of 8)
Historically the teams who miss playoffs multiple years do so because they have awful QBs

Makes one think - if you can cut a side deal for Reilly, why can't you cut one for every other player in the league (mostly to get around cap rules) . . . ? ? ?


I sure hope the league takes a hard stance on Hervey. The guy has been a greasy, cheating, sleezeball his entire time as G.M. From the tampering actions from yesteryear to hiding contracts from the league to publicly berating players to messing with the media requirements for teams. If the league can ban Manziel for missing curfew they better come down awfully hard on Hervey. On top of this, which no punishment can be handed out for, but for the Lions they are also paying that great hire in Claybrooks for how many more years? They have a Q.B. making 750,000 per season which will hamper their ability to field quality players at other positions, how in the hel l could an organization ever want to see this fool in Canada again.


With the newly installed "CFL Operations Cap" set at $2.6M/year and now both Hervey and Claybrooks let go,
I'm left wondering how the Lions will be able to work under that Cap now.
I would Imagine that HC Rick Campbell didn't come cheap.
Perhaps Campbell just inherited the GM job??


I don't think the Lions will have any financial obligation for Hervey ongoing. Didn't he step down for "Personal Reasons". Furthermore, I would think he will be getting sued by the Lions for whatever amount they may get fined for not registering the proper contract for Reilly with the league. This was reportedly done by Hervey with no others in the organization privy to the scheme.


You can't blame him. I hope he is paid what he's owed.

When you use the term "personal reasons",
it means nobody can ask why!

First rule in Lawyer school:

Guaranteed contracts are not allowed in the CFL, the contract would not have been approved.

It must be hundreds of times over the years I have seen players released the day before a payment on his contract in February is due.
IMHO, That sucks!

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