Lions pull off miraculous comeback win against REDBLACKS

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions pulled off an improbable come-from-behind 41-37 win over the Ottawa REDBLACKS at BC Place on Saturday.

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That was nuts. Lions did not deserve to win.

Was it last game that I said Williams doesn’t ever look dangerous on kick returns? I won’t say that I was wrong, but he earned this week’s paycheque. I hope that will inspire the return team.

It’s not that BC did not deserve to win, I think it’s more like why was Ottawa trying to run the ball at the end of the game when they were losing ground on almost every run and going 2 and out?

The REDBLACKS play calling made them lose. And Milt Stegall is right…the field goal attempt should have been a punt to push BC deep in their zone.

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Redblacks lost intensity during the fourth quarter or the game was theirs. They played well till that point .I say that was more the Redblacks losing and it than BC winning

And it may be mute point. Was Dustin Crum right in thinking they should not have called the last dead when they did ?

I agree the Lions did not really deserve to win and they are lucky to have escaped with the two points. But it was an exciting finish and a win is a win. But I think they had better be better next week against the Elkimoes. They may not be so lucky again.

BC and Toronto barely won while Winnipeg lost among the top 3 teams. For second week this season, 4 underdogs cover the point spread.

A win is always better than a loss no matter how you get it. This is the CFL and no game is ever a guarantee win. I think we all know that no matter what team your team is playing.

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I want to thank the Lions for this win - it was a great comeback - so congratulations! It gives my Cats a little bit more breathing room.


It’s tough because if it’s called too late, then someone will say that the whistle should have been blown to protect the QB. Crum may have only escaped the tackle because BC’s guy heard the whistle and let up. I think BC-guy was super careful not to take a penalty, and good on him.