Lions President Skulsky rumored to buy team

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The team is also for sale and Skulsky (#BCLions president) is thought to be heading up one of the groups. #CFL via @willesonsports


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Where in the article does it say that Skulsky is heading up a group to buy them?

read the ENTIRE article slim/mike..
This was Dennis Skulsky’s sixth season as the team’s president, and if this market is buying what his administration is selling, you’d have a hard time proving it by the attendance figures. The team is also for sale and Skulsky is thought to be heading up one of the groups.

I understand Braley still wants 40 million for the team. Almost seems like it's being run to lower the value to meet what Skulsky is willing to pay. But that's just speculation on my part.

Wonder if the Canucks are still interested?

It's more that when businesses are looking to be sold, you reduce expenses as much as possible. That's the easiest way to look more attractive. Likely easier to save $1 then it is to attract $1 in sales.

Most businesses are like that.

Braley did the same with the Argos, stripped the business of all possible expensive except for the bare necessities to keep it running, which makes it easier to sell.

Is that with or without the 2 Grey Cups in ten years attached in the deal?

[b]Who would pay $40 million for the Lions. Are you folks kidding? Attendance spiralled downwards this year. Fans are aging and Lions are not attracting the younger generation nor the immigrant generation. Breaks my heart as CFL football is so much more exciting than soccer as a spectator sport. Marketing and team management are the problem. Lions have a good young quarterback which is HUGE to attracting fans and giving hope for excitement and success. Replace the 65 year old + management and staff with 30+ year old marketing people and then you will see a new generation drawnto games. B.C. does not bleed orange like Saskatchewan folks bleed green. The orange needs to become an attraction like an addiction through good marketing and novel entertainment ideas in and around the event. If we lose Toronto and B.C. the CFL will be done. :cowboy:

Long live the CFL :thup: 8) [/b]

Not sure why CFL News gave this life. It's old news - Skulsky and consortium of Waterboys (local business leaders) interested in buying the Lions. But Braley - as far as anyone knows - still is in no rush to sell the team.

Skulsky has not impressed me as President (his "Guaranteed Win" promo last year blew up in the team's face). Still, I am not sure if he is hamstrung more by the owner's tight purse strings or his own bad ideas.

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.@FifthQtr - "This year he (Braley) told me up to 10 people were interested in ownership of this team." #CFL #BCLions via @TSN1040

I was at the Ticat game yesterday and very pleased at the teams demographics.

I went to the shark club yesterday in Vancouver and only one TV had the Lions game on and I was the only one watching.. The bar tender said he used to play in highschool, and got free tickets,but had become an NFL fan in the last few years. Lots of NFL poolies in the house

I only thought we here in TO were US wannabees, but you have them as well.
Shame on the Couv.

Those are Seahawks bandwagon jumpers. With the Seahawks lack of success this year, they'll be back off the bandwagon next year.

We're nowhere near Toronto's level of US wannabeness, but sadly we're catching up real fast. :cry:

This has been rumored for years... along with plenty of other names along the way but nothing happens.
Braley is going to hold on until his last days - it's been 5+ years of hearing the sale of the team is imminent but no action.

Vancouver is still a viable CFL market (witness the 52K+ at Grey Cup '14 despite a poor year for the home team, expensive tickets, and just having hosted 3 years earlier), but Vancouver is more of an EVENT town. Big games/events draw people and eyeballs. So sneaking into the playoffs for a Sunday afternoon road game with a 7-11 record is not going to create much buzz in this market. That's the reality.

I agree with EastVanMark though, there has been a heightened sense of Toronto-like USA wannabe-ism in the recent past, no doubt attributable to Eastern transplants (no CFL interest) and having one of the NFL's most successful and exciting franchises just 2 hours south. Just think of the effect it would have on the Whitecaps if Manchester United played 2 hours away.

According to the G&M, there is a long list of potential buyers interested in the team. 14 of them local. 19 in total

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Of the 19 parties interested in the Lions, 14 are local, with others located in Calgary, Edmonton, California, Las Vegas and Florida. Braley will first focus on the local 14. Braley said he didn’t know how long the process would extend.
Question is how many are interested in a 40 million price tag. Curious on the US based buyers, through with the Loonie around .75 USD, it may seem like a good time to buy in.

Eh. Imagine bumping into Roger Greenberg at the BoG meetings.

"how much did you pay for your team, Mr. Greenberg?"
"7 million. You?"

whomever buys this team in the future will have their work cut out for them as Braley is treating the Lions precisely how he treated the Argos...

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.@FifthQtr - "Their (#BCLions) marketing is next to non-existent." #CFL via @BCLionsDen

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.@FifthQtr - "Real reason for the (fans) disconnect is prices keep going up & success of team doesn't." #CFL #BCLions via @BCLionsDen[/b]

I agree, it seems to have a very similar vibe to what's happened here in Toronto. Before we took the full reigns, the team has a presence.

Vancouver like Toronto, I don't believe the issues are indicative of the market. It starts at ownership.

Montreal is a big market with lots of competition for the sports and entertainment dollar too and their attendance was up for a team that missed the playoffs for the first time in their modern existence.

If Skulsky does end up buying the team, I hope he's got some better ideas and decline under his watch is tied to Braley.