Lions POSTGAME Reaction

Lions win 27-20 in a very strange game.

Positives-- Eliminean was all over the place and seems to be our most physical defender and sure tackler- He is always in the right place- Bighill is a good compliment to Solomon and had 8 tackles- It is these 2 that are the DISRUPTERS for the defense- Banks also is a good compliment because he is essentially another db out there and can cover the slots-

Macalum was able to hit 2 nice coffin corner punts tonight-

Korey Williams looked pretty decent as a receiver- He looked like he could be a decent player-

Taylor and Arcenaux looked good out there, Taylor made some tough catches and looks like a good player- Our import receivers are doing the job for sure--

Not so Positives--

Pass rush-- Keron doesent look as dominant as in years past- he is getting older, so he may be getting past his due date-
ERIC TAYLOR also looks a little old but does generate some push up the middle- Brandon Taylor is average- he looks pretty decent but is not disruptive enough- I think the LIons need a good pass rusher on the edge badly-

Canadian receivers- Gore played well today, he needs more targets, I think he is fast and can get open, but IANUZZI looks to me to be too small to play in the CFL- He gets hit and drops like a sack of potatoes- He dropped a crucial pass late in the game- he just doesent add or provide anything special to the team-
Akeem Foster is pretty much a bust as hes not getting on the field anymore- Maybe time to look at SJ HAIDARA to replace Ianuzzi--

Chapdelaine- He called one of his worst games in a while- He got badly outcoached by CASEY CREEHAN who has the reputation as the worst defensive coordinator in the CFL- CHAPS called a really bad game today--

LULAY imo is still not improving and is regressing as a CFL QB- Interesting about my post about the BLITZ vs Lulay, Winnipeg was crowding the line of scrimmage most of the night and LULAY and the BC OFFENSE managed ZERO plays over 20 yards-
Now I think its the fact that LULAY's mechanics prohibit him from throwing deep in rythym- he never steps back in the pocket on a drop and throws deep- He is either running or scrambling when he throws deep---

I think we are going to see teams take the intermediate routes away from LULAY and I am afraid he cant throw deep and the LIons will have little success vs CGY and SASK-

The offensive line is weak- They need to strengthen the interior of the line- VALLI is not the answer- Norman is in there and needs a huge import beside him- PRessure is coming right up the middle of a line that is not athletic- The Lions O line has too many guys who are not athletic enough- they are big but not agile enough---

TIM BROWN should be released- He is obviously not the same player as he was 2 years ago- It happens a lot where players dont train in the off season and show up fat and slow- BROWN is either hurt or just slow now- He has no burst at all--- We can get a better guy from NFL CUTS--

Todays win came vs a weak team with a mickey mouse offense- Lions will have trouble moving it vs good defenses-

I have also noticed a trend about BC and the character of the team--

TRAVIS LULAY is a FRONT RUNNING QB and the LIONS are a FRONT RUNNING TEAM- The LIons jump on you early and dominate you and build a lead and win the game- They cannot win the close games, its clear, if they can build a lead and frustrate you they will beat you- When they cant I notice that LULAY really struggles and the team.

Its clear to me that LULAY is not the answer here in BC- Mike REILLY was a much better passer and you can see that LULAY does not see the field well at all. I found that if a team plays close the line of scrimmage and jams the receivers you can force LULAY to throw deep which he cant and doesent particulary like to--

A QB in LULAYS position shouldnt be running so much and scrambling around- he is too quick to run, and when he runs he is not making good throws downfield- One time he fumbled, One time he dumped off a useless pass to Harris, another time he overthrew Courtney Taylor into double coverage-

Hey CHAP whatever happened to the slots running a corner route? What ever happened to the wide receiver slant? Whatever happened to the wide receiver streak route? 1 attempt deep to Arcenaux is not going to cut it-

What about the attendance 26,847, very bad.

The lions are going to have to bring there AAA game against Calgary, in 2 weeks, or they are not going to even come close ,

I want to see 35,000 for that game.

Those are not bad attendance numbers.

How many times do people go over this. The ticket prices are a lot higher now, and only just recently have they lowered some of the zone prices.

nearly 27,000 is not a bad crowd considering ten years ago you'd be getting 20,000 on average just ten years ago at this time of year. There were times when it was a bit higher but its still a lot better than where it was. I still feel that Empire Field was so small that people never bothered going for several years and we have to get those people back. However, they're not dropping down below 25,000 which is VERY GOOD!

Look for BC's attendance to go up when they don't hold a game on a day when everyone is coming back from vacation or has no money from the long weekend. I would say we will be a lot closer to 30,000 or more when we play the big game against Calgary, which i'm sure it will be. Unfortunately for me I won't even be able to see the game as i'm going camping which I should've done on the bye week but oh well, its just that time of the year. Things will improve over time once the ticket prices even out for the upper bowl a bit better, I know I haven't even gone yet because the prices were too high for my student blood at this time but now that they're 25 bucks i'm sure i'll be able to get to a couple games here this season.

Attendance always goes up after August, so lets hope so. I think when Ottawa returns you will see a huge boost in the league and in attendance as well. I know i'm going to push to try and get seasons tickets either this year or the following year for sure in 2015.

I said in another post that I'd write an assessment of the Lions' D after six games, so here goes. But first, a quick response to Guru's ideas.

I agree with Guru's points about the offensive line, except for one. Adding an import at offensive guard might indeed slow down the pocket push by the defensive tackles. But there's that pesky, ubiquitous CFL ratio issue where 7 of 12 guys on the field must be Canadians. Adding an import on the line means taking one off the O-line or receiving corps, because Harris is anon-import. And the Lions have Norman, Kabongo and Valli inside: all three second stringers at the start of last season.

So who would be the odd man out, Taylor, Moore or Arcenault? That would probably bring either Paris Jackson, Akeem Foster or SJ Haidara into the mix and I don't see that happening. I like Foster's size and hands, but he hasn't improved this year and his position limits his productivity.Jackson is a grizzled veteran who can play any receiver position; it's a question whether he can get open consistently at this stage of his career. Haidara is a rookie, so don't expect too much from him this year. The other factor is who matches up well against opposition corners on any given game.

But I digress. Guru, I largely agree with your assessment of our defense.

They're last in sacks. But consider who isn't there: Julius Williams came to us as damaged goods, so Brandon Jordan, who's listed as a tackle in the depth charts, has gotten a lot of the second down snaps at rush end. Keron Williams was initially put inside, ostensibly to get him close to the quarterback, because Julius Williams was younger and had more speed. In 2013 JW has one tackle and one sack in six games, due to injury ... again. Jordan lacks the size to compete all day against guys where he's giving up 50 pounds on every play. What we need is another Khalif Mitchell, a DOMINATING inside rusher who can consistently get pocket push agaiunst the typically obese CFL offensive linemen but also get the odd sack and stop the inside run on his side. Easier said than done. I blame Wally for failing to adequately control and "mature" Mitchell, who seems to be behaving and has found a home in Toronto. A rare black mark on Wally's managerial career here in BC.

The best front seven defenses in any league (except the Arena league) have huge pocket push from the tackles, a motor-guy stud rush end who can get home and a cagey veteran with hashmark to sideline speed at contain end. Active, attacking Mike and Wil linebackers and a "tweener" at Sam linebacker (Kory Banks) with the speed to cover the slots, stand up against the run and pressure the QB. That neatly describes the 2011 BC defensive front seven.

This year's group has a somewhat less effective Eric Taylor at the Nose Tackle and either Westerman, Jordan or Keron Williams at the other tackle spot when playing a 4-3 front. on second and long we occasionally see a 3-4 scheme with either Eric Taylor or Westerman inside, Keron on one end and Smith on the other. And Khreem Smith at contain end. The linebackers are pretty similar to 2011. Ditto for the DBs, although they're all two years older and pas their best-before date. Banks still makes a lot of strong plays but the other elders ... er, veterans in the secondary, Phillips and Marsh, have been lit up at times. Marsh especially has been lit up for 3 TDs in the last two games. Phillips can't cover fas receivers like Chad Johnson or Weston Dressler and he hits instead of tackling and wrapping up.

Eventually the thirty-somethings, Marsh, Banks and Phillips must give way to younger, faster and hungrier DBs who can cover better and stop the run better. You can assume that Wally and the coaching staff are aware of this and they're getting everything they can out of a veteran group. JR Larose has improved somewhat at safety this season, quicker, more decisive decision -making. He's a pretty good hitter but still not at the level of the best safeties in the league: Demitrice Morley in Calgary, Matt Black in Toronto and Tyron Brackenridge in Saskatchewan. All imports, by the way. BC hasn't had an outstanding safety since Barron Miles retired. Then joined the dark side and got on as the secondary coach in Regina.

Teams can help themselves defensively in a variety ow ways. Watching a ton of film during the week and the offseason, to determine who is improving, who is not, who's over-the-hill (Simon, Bruce) and who might be available. Drafting solid Canadian talent, making the odd good trade like when BC picking up veteran import DB Lin-J Shell in 2011, and running free agent camps to find quality imports allows Wally to make targeted changes, year-by-year.

The goal for improving BC's defense isn't wholesale change. Rather, it is to maintain a core of veterans, keep the overall age of the defense around 25-28 and surround play makers with solid position players for teammates. Getting Reed and Baboulis back will strengthen the offensive front and a healthy Julius Williams might be the sack master this team needs.

Sounds easy when you say it like that. :slight_smile:

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Matt Black in Toronto is a NIP S and not an Import.


Good correction. Gotta spend more time editing...


Good win vs CGY--

OUR defense is great, playing good, and is still one of the best in the CFL--

However our offense needs improvement- We need a new O line- Our line is not atheltic enough--

We also need a better passing game and O coordinator- Sadly I think its proven that LULAY is not a great passer although he can run and do other things very well--

I just dont see LULAY being able to read and disect a CFL defense- His interceptions are HENRY BURRIS like and he is not improving at all--

He just seems to not understand and almost is like a DARIAN DURANT CLONE_ the game is not easy for them and they are slow to process whats going on the field--

Andrew Harris also should not be our starting running back- Its clear that HARRIS should be a receiver- Use him in the short passing game much like CHAD OWENS- Just put the ball in Harris hands on the short screens or slants and watch him run-

harris is a better receiver than running back- He is not getting anything done and we could get a much stronger bigger IMPORT RUNNING BACK to complement him--

Harris is one of the most dangerous OPEN FIELD runners in the CFL- Get this guy in open SPACE and watch him RUN–

You cannot give him the ball where the entire defense is keying on him- Get him in the secondary and watch him make people miss-

Use him as a receiver, he can burn them good

The man rushed for 1,112 yards last season, and is on pace for 1,324 this season. What more do you want?


I want to get him in space- Use him on the swing passes or the screens like the first td--

They need to get him all over the place- Harris is our best player on offense- We need to get him the ball in open space against the secondary guys which I dont think can easily tackle him.