Lions Players Cry About Doug Brown

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Paris Jackson is mad because he had to pay $75 to charity haha

These two are clowns.

Excited for the game tomorrow!

Wow... talk about pathetic. I don't care if they have been doing the D-X gesture for five years. It's incredibly stupid, and I'm glad it was finally banned. I'm sure they can do something else, something a little more mature, to show team solidarity.

I'm glad I picked Winnipeg in the VGCC. I'll be cheering them on to slaughter the Lions for a second time.

I agree, why cry about something that was done two months ago. If anything why are they even drawing attention back to that embarassment? The Bombers showed the Lions on the field that night what they thought of the "gesture". Then Doug Brown just wanted to tell people what motivated them to completely own BC that night.

Don't you mean Doug Brown crying about the Lions? To get all butthurt over that is pretty weak and then to go and cry in the paper, time for somebody to call the WWAAAAAAAAmbulance.


Hopefully the Lions show up. That's all I care about.

I'd have to back Doug Brown on this one, I don't think he did anything wrong by writing about that classless team move the Lions had been doing regularly. If that's what it took to finally get rid of it then it's for the best. Lions seem to have been playing much better ball since that game as well, maybe they finally starting practicing football and not a silly pregrame celebration. They should be sending Doug Brown a thank you gift basket.