Lions Playbooks stolen; house broken into, computers stolen

The Lions Playbook was stolen after Chapdelaine's house was broken into and they stole his computer?

And the info was not backed up?

That is bushleague. This whole Lions team is bushleague.

Fire the entire coaching staff.

This is inexcusable.

What the hell is going on?

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Fire the entire coaching staff! Total incompetence.

This stupidity will cost us a Grey Cup and a Western Final game in Vancouver

Yeah, that's a real downer. I wonder how this will this impact attendance?

I hope Ticketmaster learns from this and has their files backed up. I'd hate it if I couldn't get regular updates on the attendance threads because some heartless crook stole their computer.

Running your computer without backups is like driving your car without a seatbelt while blindfolded.

Honestly, I’m surprised all this sensitive data was stored in an off-site PC instead of on a corporate network. Or, considering it is an off-site computer, that the hard drive wasn’t encrypted!

I think its propaganda
what else did they steal his bbq

With the way the offence is going , its a good thing its gone, what is it? the 2 and out offense scheme.

I think I saw a crackhead run a skinny post up Kingsway and catch a cold between two bus stops!!!