Lions playbook stolen in break-in

[b]Lions playbook stolen in break-in[/b]

Receivers coach Jacques Chapdelaine's computer, with all the team's plays, was taken from his house

Mike Beamish
Vancouver Sun

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jacques Chapdelaine's "Welcome Back to B.C." moment occurred in the wee hours of the morning last week when a burglar broke into the family home in Abbotsford.

It was a brazen invasion, unfortunately all too common throughout the province on hot summer nights, when windows or sliding glass doors are left open, even just a crack, and thieves take it as an open invitation to steal something of value. Between the hours of 2 and 3 a.m. last Wednesday, while the Lions receivers coach, his wife Kim and their three kids slept, somebody slipped into their home and lifted Jacques' laptop computer.

The culprit unknowingly slipped out with some vital football information: The Lions' playbook, script, game-planning, evaluation of players and breakdowns of opponents all had been meticulously recorded by Chapdelaine, the team's chief clerical officer for football operations.

"There was no backup," Lions head coach Wally Buono said Wednesday. "The next time there will be."

Espionage is a term more closely associated with the clandestine collection of secret corporate or government information, and it's doubtful whether the Calgary Stampeders want to win so badly Friday night at B.C. Place that they're prepared to pull an act worthy of agent 007. Interception capability is something they'll probably leave in the hands of their defensive backs.

"It wouldn't mean anything to most people," Buono says. "Now, if the thief went and sold it to Calgary, it would mean something. They'd be able to de-code it. It's all important information."

Forgive Chapdelaine if he appears to be a little testy and bleary-eyed at the Lions' pre-game walk-through today at BC Place. He's been putting in extra hours retrieving the lost information from other sources and re-entering it in computerized form. The time away for Lions coaches and players during the team's bye week meant nothing to him. The thief turned a respite from the daily grind of football into another week of long days.

"There was some information, obviously, that was lost, and we have to rebuild some files," Chapdelaine says.

"The loss of the equipment is unfortunate. They took the team's laptop and my wife's cellphone. And they took away some of our peace of mind and security. Overall, it's not a disaster, because we're able to recover some of the information. But I have to input all of the information that was lost. I haven't been getting much sleep these days, trying to catch up."

A similar theft occurred about three years ago at the Lions training facility, in the Whalley area of Surrey, a neighbourhood considered to have a high crime rate. Buono said measures subsequently were taken to make the team's football operations a more secure area.

A home invasion, however, is more troubling because of the trauma it afflicts on the occupants.

"The reality is, we're fortunate nobody got hurt," Chapdelaine says. "But a theft like this violates your privacy. Our entire family was sleeping. It seems like this phenomenon of house break-ins is happening with more frequency in the Lower Mainland. Certainly, in the Fraser Valley. We've taken steps to make our home more secure.

"Unfortunately, we're not going to be the last family to have this happen."

The Chapdelaines moved into the home in April following a year in Edmonton, where Jacques was the Eskimos' offensive coordinator and associate head coach during the 2007 CFL season.

How does Chapdelaine not back up the playbook???

No problem, Jackson has memorized all the plays his brain can handle and he has both of them down pat. Last time Pierce opened the play book he got a paper cut and missed 2 games. The only thing to come out of this is that the Lions now have an excuse for getting their butts kicked by the Stamps.

...the guy who stole it... must've been pretty hard-up :roll:

I find it hard to believe no backup existed. Although not unheard of. Guy probably got 50 bucks for it and it's wiped clean now, as it was likely password protected. It's a shame.

...I feel badly for the Chapdelaine family, that would be an unsettling thing to have happen, with kids in the house and all...

...I realize Beamish's assertation that the Stamps could be beneficiaries of this event was tongue-in-cheek (Wally's wasn't, but we know where Wally stands in the class department when it concerns his previous team) but I would return my seasons tickets if it were revealed that Huf and crew were aiding and abetting a criminal act...I'm sure if anyone approached the stamps the first call would be to the cops, hell, I bet redwhite05 would even make the arrest...

not like any other team needs it! haha

I feel badly for Chappy. Whether he backed up the playbook or not, getting your house broken into and having something like this stolen really is a shame.

I agree, having your home broken into is not fun but not backing up things as important as what was on his Laptop was not smart

The break-in is devestating as anyone who has had one would acknowledge, but not having any back disk thats funny.

Dam, thats really messed up. If other teams find out all our plays, they'd know exactly how to defend us, giving us a huge disadvantage. Hopefully the theif doesn't read newspapers or even happens to open the files, or at the very least is a BC Lions fan enough that he wuoldn't sell out our team, but if he needs the money maybe he just doesn't care. That is brutal tho, wow. I recommend changing their entire game plan now, espescially if you get half way through the game and every pass is being blocked or something. That is completely messed up.

Look at it this way. Being 4-3 maybe they wasn't that good. Maybe now they will develope a better plays. :slight_smile:

Maybe, just maybe SwervinMervin has it and is updating the playbook as the way he thinks it should be played.

Just an overtly obvious thought, shouldn't everybody on the offense have a copy of the play book.

...outrageous thought...don't you know the BC offense are on a 'need to know' basis....

Vancouver is the home break-in capital of North America, mostly by drug addicts that our kindly society apparantly tolerates. The drug addict population has exploded in recent years and addicts can be seen wandering the downtown cores of all of our suburban centres, not just the Downtown Eastside. I guess being a drug addict (or substance abuser) is not illegal and they must earn money like everyone stealing your stuff while you're away at work, or smashing your car window to steal the pennies on your console. Vancouver, the car theft capital of North America. Great scenery, though. My sister-in-law in Kits had her car window smashed-in 4 times in the past 18 months. Now she tapes a sign on the car window stating "DOORS UNLOCKED!"

Some prevelant Vancouver car theives have over 100 convictions and are still out on the streets doing their thing...which prompted the Van Police to recently request an "80 strikes and your Out" plan for habitual theives...mocking our in-justice system with the "3 strikes and your Out" law in California.