Lions part ways with DB Loucheiz Purifoy

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions have parted ways with American defensive back Loucheiz Purifoy, the team announced on Twitter on Wednesday.

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Is this an 'age' issue or performance issue? Just wondering?

age, performance and too expensive.

CFL All Star in 2022.

He'll find a job and wonder if he is not looking south.

There'd likely be a spot for him in the Spring League.

I won't be surprised if someone plays XFL / USFL and then comes north for the CFL season. Kind of what they talked about when the alliance discussions were taking place.

Tre Watson was signed recently. Canadian dollar is not doing us any favors right now at .73

Maybe a money issue, from what I understand he was to receive a $30,000 roster bonus in Feb.

Same issue being discussed in the "This has got to Stop" thread.

Being one of the few employers of professional football players the CFL has a big advantage in player negotiations. Any player standing up will be quickly black balled from participation. Respect and consideration are never part of the equation.