Lions over the cap?

Coaches ARE NOT NOW included in the SMS!

Guess I'll have to take your word for it since I can't find information to the contrary. Coaches were included prior to 2007 and I can't find anything that says they are excluded now. Do you know where to find specific information on the SMS, I found the general info on this web-site.

Im pretty sure they arent.... SMS is for the players only.

Its been two decades since coaches were included in the cap.

Here is the original page that the CFL posted in 2006, nothing about coaches being covered:

The following is from the Players Association site, it shows that coaches were only included in 1993 - 96.

Thanks for that, as I said, the leagues is closing or has closed many of the loopholes that were utilized in the past. I don't believe teams can use the personal services contract anymore, at least I am not aware of any usage of it recently. Again I don't have a real problem with teams going over by a bit this year because due to the front-end loaded contracts signed last year, it is a bit of a red herring. The next couple of year should give a far more level playing field and a much truer accounting.

And, to be fair, the vast majority of CFL teams had injury woes this year yet the Roughriders are expected to be the only team to have exceeded the salary cap, according to sources.

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Ah RW2005, did not this thread start with another story saying that BC is likely to be over the cap?

One difference is that Tillman has been saying for months that the team would likely fall in the fine phase of the SMS.

Leeing yes it did state are the Lions going to be over the cap? your right. But so far no evidence of such a thing however for the benefit of other posters who are interested I thought this article covered such subject matter does it not? Correct?

If all the teams are over the cap , would it not make sense to substianally raise the cap say to $4.5 million? The league is financially healthier now than it was previously, and if say 6 to 8 teams are over the cap, it should be done so that teams are better able to keep players.

Actually both teams are said to be likely over. Vancouver Province says the Lions are likely over. Toronto Globe and Mail says only the Riders. Frankly if the Globe and Mail says it is cold outside I would be sceptical, they are one step ahead or behind the National Enquirer for accuracy.

Have you got links?

The Roughriders also had to clear $700,000 of salaries. No other team was even close to that.

i dont care whos over the cap, just aslong as they are caught and fines are paid.

then the system works, cuz it was more of a luxury tax, not a CAP.

Explain there Jman?

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Hope that works, The Toronto Globe and Mail one you provided, I assume you don't need it.

What do you mean explain? I like Roy Shivers a lot, but the amount of 2007 salaries when Tillman took over the team was $700,000 over the cap...

I believe he is talking about 2008 is he not.

Jman they were one of the top two for salaries other teams did not have to cut that much. Also this was at the start of the season. The riders had 23 more players on the roster due in part to injuries. BC had 11 and most of the others had 8 and few under that number. But the point being injuries are a major reason for going over. Some teams had cap room and the riders were at the start of the season a bit over or close to the cap. It does not matter. There may be a few more it just has not been announced by the media yet. I guess in a few weeks the cfl will announce the SMS.

When did I say they werent over or one of the top 2 spenders this year? I gave you a reason to go along with the injuries…

Say what? Idid not say you said it! Your a bit confused.