Lions over the cap?

“The Lions feel they will be at or slightly over the league’s $4.05-million 2007 salary allotment, though the figure is still subject to a league audit to be announced by commissioner Mark Cohon in April.”

This is a comment from newswire.

I really don’t have a huge problem if in fact the Lions are slightly over the ‘cap’(slightly may be a relative term). What I am wondering is if all the people who have been slamming Saskatchewan(including Lions fans) for possibly being over, will respond.

I don't have issue with it either, and wouldn't be surprised at all if they were over...BC was another team decimated by injuries this year - it makes sense that their cap would be affected as a result.

Damn those Lions!
Damn those Riders!

Seriously, I wonder at what point do the penalties hit teams going over the Cap?


I guess we wont know for sure until the league makes it official and announces what (if any) the penalties might be.

My guess is there will be a small fine, then it will be appealed to an arbitrator who will overule the fine and that's the last we will here about it. :lol:

Did I tell you Mark Cohon asked me to be arbitrator for the Jimenez appeal! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

lol eskfan...that might just work?

Seriously though, Sporty, if it were up to me, all teams would be subjected to fines at the immediate point of breaking the cap amount...a cap is there for a reason...

Is it fines, draft picks or a combonation of both?

To be honest, I'm too lazy to search the old threads. I'm sure it was discussed there!

Sporty I belie ve they had 11 extra players and four qb's on the pay roll so do not be to suprised if they are over. But again it was said at the start of the season a possbile 3 teams were over at season start. Who they are we will find out.

Releasing Dickenson free’s up $400,000, for 2008. Maybe that will be used to pay part of any fines! :lol:

But that does not apply to the 2007 season only effects the 2008 season. Good move by the way now there is a bit of money for Smith and Jackson.

If memory serves.

First $100,000.00 $1 to $1
$100,000.00 to $300,000.00 $2 to $1
$300,000.00 + $3 to $1

Thanks Ro!

It is still my contention that if there was a true accounting and closing of all loopholes, 8 teams will be over the ‘cap’. It is however a huge step in the right direction and with teams not being able to front-end load contracts it should be more meaningful in 2008.

Many loopholes seem to have been addressed, particularly the personal services contract. I would like to see coaches not included in the SMS, that way guys like Wally won’t be paid on paper the league mimimum as a coach and the rest of the salary as waterboy or any other position.

Your right. But I think you will see the largest effect of the SMS on its third year when most of those front ended contracts run out.

So, does this mean no one is going to care when the Eskimos announce that they're waaayyy over the Cap? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess your the only one chief! If they were over the cap with that team they are in big trouble.

No, that is still strictly prohibited. Although, I would support no fines for Edmonton as long as they keep their present Head Coach. That is penalty enough.

:lol: :lol:

Dave Braley probably has two sets of books. One he shows to the league office :lol: and one he doesn't. :smiley:

Ain't that the truth... :frowning:

Nope, cause look what it did for you Chief