Lions Organization- a class act!

As a season ticket holder [and even during those times when I wasn't] I've found the Lions organization to be a class act. Whenever I've had concerns they've always been addressed in a timely manner. One issue that was as recent as yesterday was taken care of immediately.

On another occasion I had a concern. How was it handled? I received a call from the head coach Wally Buono himself! He was more than willing to answer a number of my questions. There is one person I contact whenever I have concerns and if he doesn't have the answer he puts me in touch with who can best help me or he will find out for me. I remember being unclear about a couple of CFL rules. Within a few days I given [at no cost to me] a CFL rules book.

I love the B.C. Lions!

Wally phoned you what was your concern a football question?

I hear you about the lions, they have great customer service, when i bought my season tickets this year they accidentally put me in a non alcoholic area, well all the seats in the non alcoholic were all sold so they put in better seat and lower to the field for the same price, very nice.

Know i am a big Canuck fans i love them too, but i had the same problem with them on a 11 game pack a couple of years ago and the said it was too bad there is nothing i can do, i do understand the gm place is all sold out every game but out of the 3,000 seats left for the public single tickets every year they could not move me.

anyways i gave up on the canucks that year when they got knocked out in the second round i did not renew.

The Lions when they are winning are the best bargain in town for sports entertainment, even if the canucks are winning, they are too expensive and i heard they are raising there prices up again this the canucks are. By the time my daughter who is 4 starts taking an interest in hockey, the canuck games will be so out priced, i say by then the cheapest ticket will be $250.00 were the lions will be at the most will be $60.00.

I hope with the move into Empire and back into bc place they will grow leap and bounds,but the only way they are going to do that is win.

Thanks for the unintentional laugh. I think you mean no alcohol unless you are trying to confess to something here.

Yes i mean alcoholic

so then, how long have you been an alcoholic???

I really wish, that we could echo your sediments in regards to the Lions "Class Act" and their "Outstanding" Customer service.
So far, we have seen the exact opposite of what you describe..
By any chance, this post was not placed by a BC Lions 'Employee" was it? LOL
We are also Season Ticket holders, and what with us having paid for our "Top Priced" seats , which should by all rights , include that "Top Priced View" that we paid for, in the new stadium, you would think, that the Lions would get back to us promptly, on our concerns with the fact that our "Top Priced" seats, are sitting "directly behind" one of the Vertical Posts, in the new stadium?
We have written to them Twice now, in regards to our BLOCKED "Premium" view, and have yet, not heard back from any of your "Outstanding" customer service reps, or from any of the "Class Act" employees of the Lions, to date?
Geez..........your unsolicated praise of the Lions? is certainly falling on Deaf ears, on this side of the Stadium.
I have to say, that we are really disappointed in the Lions lack of this "Outstanding" Customer Service that you so highly speak of, and feel that they have shown nothing of this "Class Act", that you have mentioned in your post.
Hey don't get me wrong here, we Love the New Stadium and we Love the Lions ( In General) but what we don't Love is, their lack of effort in righting a Wrong, in a reasonable amount of time.
And the fact, that we have Paid "Premium" prices for a "Cheap Seat" BLOCKED view!
"Class Act"?
Sorry......we can not agree with you at all , on this one!
Have seen exactly the Opposite, to date.
Are you sure, that you are not a Lions Employee?


Thanks for the laugh Backer. Yes, I'm Casey in stealth mode! I figured the Lions organization needed the extra PR. Sheesh bro, chillax. Just so we are on the same page, I wasn't asking for your endorsement nor
does my opinion have to be "solicited" to give it on this forum.

My experience[s] with the Lions organization have all been good over the years. You have a legitimate grievance and your frustration and disappointment are justified. I would want some sort of 'adjustment' if I were paying premium prices for an obstructed view while others in the same section below me did not have to contend with the problem. I've
no doubt that it will eventually be addressed by management. Whether or not it will be to your satisfaction remains to be seen.

As far as righting a wrong in a "reasonable amount of time" is concerned I don't think you've been patient enough. Unless you
attended the open house back on June 13 you would not have known exactly where your seats were located until the pre-season
game on June 20. That was only 10 days ago or at best a little over 2 weeks if you went to the open house.

Did you express what would satisfy you? A seat relocation? A substantial discount? A complete refund? Complimentary seating in one of the suites? A discount on next year's seating?

I'm sure you are not the only one with this grievance and I'm sure your concerns are not being ignored. I'd give it more time and perhaps a follow-up [self-controlled] telephone call to see what progress is being made before pulling out the tar and feathers. Good luck.

P.S. Try to get your hands on Dale Carnegie's book: How to Win Friends and Influence People. You may find it useful. :wink:

Good to see the lions are doing a great job of taking care of their customers. Always a hallmark of a well run organization

Part of the post is part of the stadium , nothing they could do about it, when all of those tickets are sold out to season ticket holders somebody has to sit there, i would not like it too, but i know it is only for one year and then back at bc place.

the elephants are restless.

99% of your post is not worth commenting on Backer because it is an emotional diatribe without merit. It would serve no constructive purpose to repeat what I’ve already said. The 1% I will comment on has to do with your remark:

"Aside from your attempt at some form of sarcasm, and your pathetic math, ( June the 13th was 17 LONG days ago, and not your own miscalculated 10 Short days. "DUH"!
Right there, your reply loses all credibilty. LOL

No pathetic math Backer. Read my post again.

“That was only 10 days ago or at best a little over 2 weeks if you went to the open house.? Last time I calculated- 17 days is a little over 2 weeks which is what I stated. The 10 days was in reference to the June 20 pre-season game which was made quite clear. Perhaps you need to calm down before launching into an emotional rant.

I stand by my original post. The Lions organization is a CLASS ACT!

Good luck expecting other seasons ticket holders to give up their centre seats just for you. And as far as a private box goes, by the sounds of it that is just what you need. A very private box!

Well I do agree with the sentiments about customer service. I have always found the organization to work hard to satisfy me in regards to purchases.

That said I have a major concern with their advertising on the questionably legal native billboards on the north shore. Not only do I feel it was a bad choice to subvert the law by using this medium, both emails I have sent to the Lions have as of yet been unanswered - sent weeks ago.

Do I feel they care about their customers? Yes
As a result of the billboards do I think they care about the community? No

Hopefully we are not the only two seats they risk losing over this.

Yeah, those electronic billboards are quite the eye-sore aren't they? It will be just a matter of time before there is a multi-vehicle accident on the Lions Gate.
I guess the Lions Football Club figures the billboards are here to stay so it may as well take advantage of them. The Club also probably figures that since it is its call whether or not to make use of them it isn't going to get into a debate with the community about the merits or appropriateness. In other words the club doesn't want to get into a philosophical debate.

I'm curious, are you considering not renewing your seasons tickets because of this?

I really agree with you about The Lions vs Canucks pricing. My wife and went to only one Canucks game this past year. What a mistake! It was the 3rd game in the second round against Chicago. We had very good seats. In fact where I sat was at the top of the aisle. I had no seats in front of me and could stretch my legs straight out. The Canucks lost! We paid $650 for the pair. What an insane thing to do but my wife just had to see the Canucks live. That was the cost of a Lions seasons ticket premium seat! Never, ever will we do that again. It isn't that the Canucks lost. It's that the game was not entertaining and they played a lacklustre game. What blows me away is that even with such exorbitant prices, they are able to sell out every game.

A CFL football game provides the very best value as far as I'm concerned.

Hey Backer.... too bad you don't like your seats. But just because you haven't had the best end of the customer service doesn't mean that Beagle works for the Lions and is trying to make them look better as you've suggested. Nor does it mean that others haven't had good dealings with the Lions customer service.

There is an old saying... "You can please all of the people some of the time. You can please some of the people all of the time. But you can't please all of the people all of the time."

In any case, i really hope your letters and e-mails to the Lions have looked better than your rants here in this thread. Proper spelling, punctuation and spacing go a long way in with things like this. When your complaint is easy to read and understand you will find that people will be more willing to deal with it. Nobody wants to strain their brain trying to get through something so tough to read. I also hope you were a little more calm in your complaints and chose your words wisely. A couple of wrong things said in a complaint will all but guarantee your complaint will never be dealt with.

To finish off.... grow up a little. Repeatedly referring to Beaglehound as Beaglemouth, just because he got something you didn't, does nothing but make you look like a whiny spoiled brat and makes it virtually impossible to take you seriously.

Exactly what I was thinking. They'll solve the problem eventually... but if you used the same tone that you used in your post here (or even close to it) they probably would rather help out somebody who is polite, understanding, and patient before they help out a loud and obnoxious jerk.

We will definitely not be renewing next season if the Lions continue to advertise on the boards.

Our concern is not that they are an eye-sore (which they are), it is the fact that the billboards are illegal but since they are on Native land the law isn't being enforced. Just because Aboriginal people do not have to follow the same set of rules as the rest of us does not mean it is acceptable for organizations to also do so.

.... A reply email from the Lions explaining why they do not have to follow the laws of our country would be an interesting read.

Boycotting lions games just because they are advertising on a controversial advertising billboard is rather silly. Besides there being no real significant difference between pattisons billboards and the native billboards. The problem I have with some people's comments is that they go and complain that its only natives putting these billboards up when pattison is just as bad. I know that some people myself included feel that the moving ads are distracting but why is no one complaining about the digital ads being put on translink buses. These digital ads are far worse than the boards near the bridges on the north shore.

If you have a problem with your game day experience, I think the best thing to do is CALL the Lions - not write a letter. Hell, with Canada Post in charge, who knows whether it even reached them yet? Do you know who your Account Manager is? By all accounts they're a responsive and fair group. If your call isn't returned within 24-48 hrs or the problem isn't resolved to your satisfaction, then I would send an email to Chayka or Skulsky.

But I'll echo what others have said. While I sympathize, they simply have too many season ticket holders between the goallines to please everybody. If you thought it might be an issue, why didn't you ask them when you received your tickets? They may have been able to do something.

In a way the club is in a no-win situation. They didn't design the stadium, but have to deal with all the complaints.

No roof = great views for everyone but angry ("what the hell were they thinking?") fans if they get wet.
Roof = dry, happy fans but not all fans are going to have an unobstructed view.

Wah wah wah... my god. You should be happy they even contacted you after the way you've acted.

So your saying seats at the 55 yardline shouldn't be considered Premium seats if they are under cover? Because, effectively, any seat under cover is goign to have a post there... whether it's smack in front of the seat, or if you're in the back row. That leaves nowhere near enough seats labelled as Premiums for them to potentially break-even (they have to be in the red this year, I highly doubt they can make any money).

As a season ticket holder I'm here to enjoy teh product and SUPPORT the club. My seats are premiums up under cover (after getting moved from behind a pole)... yeah the 10 yard line is blocked by a pole, but I'll deal with it to avoid the rain. And I realize that it's a one year situation and they're in a difficult spot... but I'm sticking by the club through it.

When I brought up the situation with my seats I was told they weren't able to go up and take a look until right before the open house... and they were told by contractors that the seats would be alright. They could've easily just left it as is and not done anything... but no... THEY CALLED ME before I even called them because I was in the "high priority" area that was obstrcuted the worst.