LIONS OR riders

which win is most impressive. bc over stamps, riders over esks?

Riders. Much better performance by the team. Is there some bias here? Yes. But for pure impressiveness, its gotta be the Riders over the Esks.

Well you do have to give extra points to the Lions because they did win on the road which is tougher to do, and because they used their 3rd stringer for a large chunk of it.

That being said, it's fairly easy to say which one was more impressive because one was close and one was not :slight_smile:

Riders played great, Lions played well. Lions played on the road, Riders played at home.

The difference is that the Lions were not expected to win this game with a half-healthy Pierce or 3rd stringer Jackson, but they did. Look at who the Lions were missing: Dickenson, Pierce, Floyd, Marsh, Simmons and during the game Washington, Banks. The Lions were playing with second and third stringers and still beat a tough Calgary team on the road.

Riders impressed, Lions improved to 5-0. Lions overcame more obstacles and won a tougher game.

RLR you aren't getting any sympathy here. You were bragging before the game, with Simmons, Floyd, Marsh and Dickeson gone you would still win. Pierce, Washington, Banks all left during the game.

What surprised me more then anything was how much better Jackson looked then Pierce and Dickenson, have all season. Pierce and Dickenson could both be riding the bench by the end of the year. But then again, Jackson could have had the "well I am a third stringer, nobody expects much from luck" and then goes out and win.

i give it to the lions. mcmahon stadium is a VERY hard place to win against the stamps. sask won off turnovers from the eskies.

but i am pretty excited about the season.. can i smell a bomber-rider grey cup?

Well I wouldn't say they won off of turnovers, it gave them all the momentum but even without them it would have been 25-14 Sask.

The riders caused the turnovers and capitalized off everyone of them. IMO its nothing to brush off

Tough one to pick. Both defenses played tough. Riders were very impressive on offense, and turned those turn-overs into points.

Offensive Out-put: Edge to Riders.
Defensive Out-put: Split Both played well.
Playing through obstacles: Lions.

From an excitement point of view: Edge Riders.
Playing on heart: Edge Lions.

Hows that for fence sitting! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Overall I'd give the edge to the Riders. Anytime you can keep "Disco Danny" from dancing is always a good thing! :wink:

Lions beat a tougher team in a tougher venue with a half-healthy roster. If that's not impressive I'm not sure what is.

Try an ubniased opinion for once in your life!

Do you disagree with my statement?

Yes, because it seems the team with the lousier record is in last.. Calgary. Edmonton has improved over last year, so I really dont think either win by Sask or BC was more impressive than the other.

They were both impressive wins, but I think most people thought the Riders would bounce back this week at home, and a lot picked Calgary to hand BC their first loss of the season. With JJ playing more than half the game and considering all our injuries (and the fact that this game was in Calgary where the Stamps were 8-1 last season and 2-0 this season), I would say the win by BC was more impressive as a whole.

Another unbiased opinion?.... :roll:

This has nothing to do with being biased, it has to do with the facts. If I said anything incorrect, please feel free to correct me. If the only thing you can call me is biased, I guess what I have been saying should suffice.

The only "fact" that could be wrong is the one debating which team is better between Calgary and Edmonton.

Edmonton had the better record going into the game, with Victories over Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, as well as a tie with Winnipeg. Calgary went into the game with Victories over Hamilton and Toronto.

Based on that I would guess that Edmonton is the slightly better team at this point.

Its not an unbiased opinion! I could say with bias , that the Riders won by 40 pts over the best QB in the league... the Rider D dominated him, so much so that he was pulled in the 3rd Quarter... when was the last time that RR was pulled from a game in favour of his backup? Even at that it wasnt because he was playing poorly, the Esks didnt want to risk injury to RR. How about that for a biased opinion? Anyone can make a biased observation like you can. Im saying neither team's win was more impressive than the other's. That my friend, is an unbiased opinion.

I would agree, but factor in that Calgary has won 10 of their last 11 at home and the Eskimos were on the road, I would say that Calgary is a better home team than Edmonton is a road team.

I'm not sure what was more impressive, the Lions third stringer beating you guys on the road by 30 points or you guys beating Edmonton at home by a similar margin?