Lions on the prowl?

Most points on the board, Smith establishing the #1 running spot this week, destroying Montreal, stepping into the #2 spot in the league and only 1 point behind sask its been a good week. If the Lions keep this up and get back to form they should be almost impossible to stop. While injury is part of the game, i am very encouraged by this latest win and the ass paddling they gave to Sask with a more complete roster in their 1st meeting.

I hope the Lions keep the train rolling. I just moved to Sask, and take alot of heat out here in riderville for backing the Lions. I was at the July 13 ass kicking in was so awesome! It was a weird feeling jumping up and cheering during a Lions touch down and hearing silence from the rest of the fans.

Now that the riders have lucked out a first place position in the west, I can't wait for another repeat on Sept 22!

If they keep it together, I am sure it will be a win, but not as easy as the first meeting between the two.

I generally steer clear of this section, but I have to ask why part of 1st place is based on luck?

When it happens once in 31 years, it's considered lucky, or a fluke.

So if something happens 3 years in a row, like Dave getting hurt, is that considered consistent?

I suppose I should have seen that one coming RLR, everyone always takes pot shots at those on top.

You've been in first for 2 weeks in 31 years. If that's not an anomaly I don't know what is.