Lions' Offensive Line?


With all the newbies trying out I've lost track of who will likely make up the offensive line that will protect the QB from getting destroyed like the QBs were last year. I remember last year the front line was as porous as a tin roof riddled by an AK47. How do you think the Offensive Line is shaping up? I know there is one more pre-season game to go and some more practices before the season opener but what are your thoughts?

IMO this is where the Lions season will be decided. We have the offensive talent, our D can do the job. But our O-line is a real unknown. As they go, so shall the team.

Well the “D” didn’t do the job last year on the run game. So, I’d say the lineman on either side of the ball are the key along with the MLB.

Has any one heard how serious Rassouli's injury is? He was pretty slow being helped off of the field and I didn't notice if he had returned to the game or not.

I heard nothing on the post-game radio show and nothing since. He never did return to the game from what I saw.
Its weird like them to not be open about this in the pre-season. Post-season I get but this is a bit odd.

Knee injury could be MCL[ligament] or cartilage damage. He's scheduled to have an MRI to find out the extent. Wally is glad there are a couple of weeks before game opener. Bottom line: they don't know the extent of the injury and whether the Razz will be ready to play on July 04.

On another note: I got quite a chuckle out of "the 13th man" over on the Sask board. He commented that the Lions sure got off on the right foot in the Edmonton/Lions game having lost in the last 4 seconds. Such sarcasm. I guess he has a short memory and forgot how Saskatchewan handed the Grey Cup to Montreal last year! :lol: