Lions New quaterback

Check out lions new quaterback kyle Parish he looks outstanding he is coming to training camp

what the heck is a Quaterback????

Sorry i ment Quarterback

As the "Ladies Man" Leon would say: "it is ida you cancel da quota o you get yo 25 cent back." :stuck_out_tongue:

He looks good - although I prefer to see them in Surrey before getting too excited.

This guy looks good too...

Just messing with you. Wally and staff have always done a good job of finding QB's (with a few exceptions).

What a joke Major Harris turned out to be i remember him. he was suppose to save our francize.the next Doug Flutie they said.

there will never be another doug flutie in the cfl

it was a one time phenomenon

I think he did save our francize , he just left town with her . last I heard the were married with 2 kids.

and he became a shoe salesman

Major Harris actually showed up at the NFL combine in 1990 dressed in street clothes including jeans, and he threw for the coaches after taking off his shirt. He did it "Ida" playground style, as in any of those numerous usually now overweight or drugged-up dudes with big mouths (and hardly ever with their own ball) who start off everything about their past athletic potential with "Ida been a starter in the NFL or NBA if [blah blah blah]"

Apparently Harris' overly cheesy homer YouTube commenters are also "Idas" and "Hedas" of some sort, as in "Heda been an NFL Hall of Famer if ..."

You probably don't believe me, but there are more of these delusional and poorly-informed homer sports fans in some places down here than you'd ever imagine. :roll:

I am surprised that BC did not scout that sort of joke who was like some of his peers at the time with a whole lot of athleticism but not near enough talent for the next level of any pro game.

For sake of WVU, Pat White was way better all-around though still does not possess the skill to be even a subpar NFL quarterback as they try to figure out what to do with him . I had thought White was underrated out of college but so far have been proven dead wrong with one more year perhaps for him to make or break to be a backup QB somewhere in the NFL.

Every year there is at least one such highly athletic guy in the NCAA game who is highly hyped by ESPN who achieves much with athleticism to run and scramble for yards at that level against far slower defences lest he plays usually a team from USC or from the SEC or somewhere in Florida.

Except Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb whom I can think of off-hand, such a player almost always doesn't amount to much but perhaps as an untested third-stringer in the NFL if not trying out later his luck in the CFL.

And then of course there was Doug Flutie who was way better suited to the CFL game anyway, but he played college football almost 30 years ago.

In the mold of Al Bundy, former star at Polk High School? :? :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats with the music they put in these videos? If they are sending these to teams and scouts wouldn't you want something a little less disrespectful?

Hes guaranteed to be on the practice roster if they dont bring in a fifth guy.

You would think so wouldnt you.