Lions' New Coaching Staff for 2015

So we now have a new head coach in Jeff Tedford, coaches gone and new people at other coaching spots. Tedford's people. Wally's hiring Jeff Tedford as head coach seems like a real coup for Wally and the league. Why this guy chose to make $325 K a season when he can get seven figures in America is anybody's guess. I'm sure there will be other perks for Tedford, like a home in a great location that's undervalued inn the marketplace, a new SUV to drive etc ...

Before that Wally gassed his protege Mike Benevides, for failing to maintain the high level of winning football Wally had established prior to Bene's reign as HC. It was a tough firing for Wally, who had the highest personal regard for Benevides and his work ethic. That move signalled — most would say guaranteed — changes to other coaching positions.

It didn't take Tedford long to start moving people. After doing his due diligence, Tedford gave the traditional CFL "apple-and-a road-map" treatment to running backs coach and Canadian draft specialist Kelly Bates, longtime offensive line coach Dan Dorazio, receivers coach and former Saskatchewan and Ottawa head coach Joe Paopao and defensive line coach Carl Hairston. Talk about your coaching hair cut! I thank all of them for their service to the BC Lions and hope they find quality football jobs inside or outside the CFL.

Using the classic coaching ploy "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", Tedford retained defensive coordinator Mark Washington, linebackers coach Johnny Holland and special teams coordinator Chuck McMann, who will also coach the running backs.

George Cortez is Tedford's pick to run the flagging BC offense. He (Cortez, not Tedford) has a ton of CFL experience at a variety of positions and seems like an upgrade at offensive coordinator. Cortez will also coach the quarterbacks, which necessitated a downward move for receivers coach for Khari Jones. A key Tedford hire is former Hamilton assistant Doug Malone, brought in to coach the porous BC offensive line. Malone had experience with Cortez in Saskatchewan in 2013 AND 2014 and coached in the US college ranks for nearly 30 years. Another new hire is Robin Ross, who coached with Tedford at Fresno State and will coach the equally porous defensive line.

Tedford also added "quality control" coaches for each side of the ball. Tedford's son Quinn will do whatever an offensive quality control specialist does. ("Now Travis, just keep improving your right shoulder's quality...) Former CFL DB William (Willy) Fields will similarly spit, polish and "qualitize" the CFL's league-leading defense, which looks like a considerably easier job that the coach's kid Quinn will have.

(Come to think of it, you could get a sports reporter to polish up the defense! You could pay him with a case of cheap scotch, a bag of day-old bread, a big bag Puppy Chow and one of those cards you get at Value Village that give you a five percent discount on used stuff...if you shop there a couple dozen times.)

So there they are, the new and improved coaching crew, who could all end up down the road like Bates, Dorazio, Paopao and Hairston if they fail to get the 2015 Lions to the promised land in November. As J P McConnell of CKNW used to say about CFL assistant coaches: "The pay isn't great, but the hours are long!"

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Great post Dooger. I don’t really follow the coaching staff all that much but it is good to know who is doing what. Thanks for putting in so much thought and posting that information. :thup:

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